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Berlin-based label Home Again will organize a 65-hour, non-stop festival

The Berlin-based record label Home Again will be launching a festival this summer that will last for 65 hours non-stop.

The event will be organized by Home Again from May 19th to May 22nd at RSO, a Berlin club, and will feature a lineup of popular artists such as DJ Seinfeld, Interplanetary Criminal, Leon Vynehall, Cinthie, Gabrielle Kwarteng, Head High, DJ Boring, Huerta, Vera, Dr. Banana, and Youandewan, among others.

Over the years, Home Again has gained a reputation for its commitment to supporting up-and-coming artists and for its dedication to pushing the boundaries of electronic music. Moreover, their events usually boast a diverse lineup combined with unique exotic locations. Here’s what the organizers had to say about their carefully curated lineup –

We have handpicked 49 of the most captivating artists of the moment to perform across three stages, including two gritty warehouses and an industrial open-air space. We’ve carefully selected this lineup to suit everyone’s tastes, whether you prefer warehouse vibes, after-hour sunrise sessions, or peak-time rave parties” – Home Again’s Official Instagram

Apart from the live sets and performances, the 65-hour-long festival is planned with a fair share of talks and masterclasses, with more details to be revealed in the near future. The festival will be split between two indoor warehouses and industrial open-air space at RSO. Tickets are already available for purchase, be sure to grab yours here

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