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Boys Noize, Pilo, and DEEVIOUS come together for new single ‘PVSSY’: Listen

German producer and DJ Boys Noize is known for his bass-heavy club singles and occasionally delivering music alongside Skrillex via their collaborative project, Dog Blood.  Now he is returning with another familiar collaborator, Pilo, for his latest release, PVSSY.

Fans of Boys Noize know he is a master of bass house anthems, often leaning on short vocal chops and phrases to accentuate his productions and this latest single certainly continues that trend.  After first teaming up with Pilo on the single Cerebral, the two return for another track and bring along DEEVIOUS to provide the dark and dirty vocals throughout the track.  Her voice permeates the entire single, kicking in right away, despite being deeply filtered, it is her voice that drives much of the track, with muted phrases and edits accenting nearly every measure of the single.  When the bass and percussion first truly hit around the 30-second mark, she comes in with the risque lyrics, “p*ssy on tight,” her voice seductively confident, and she demands listeners’ attention with every line.

The music itself ebbs and flows with the dark club vibes that Boys Noize has perfected throughout his long career, playing with dynamics, and filtering elements in and out of the single, while never losing the energy and intention of his work.  Although the topline certainly draws in listeners, the bright synths and pumping bass are what will make this track a peak-hour banger when it blares through the speakers of clubs and festivals around the globe.  The massive bass hits permeate through and will be rattling the bodies of everyone within earshot, with the subtle leads and record skips breaking up the production at all the right intervals.

Fans new and old of Boys Noize will certainly be satisfied with the work he did alongside Pilo and DEEVIOUS on their latest effort, PVSSY.

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