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Bridger: An innovative platform for artists to manage their copyright

Bridger provides artists with a new source of revenue, that directly derives from music copyright that they are entitled to once their music is distributed on digital platforms.”We can increase the amount of money artists earn by offering them an easy, intuitive and free platform for copyright collection,” Jocelyn Seilles (Founder and General Manager of Bridger)

Emerging as the perfect platform in allowing the full development of artists worldwide, Bridger acts as an Independent Management Entity (IME), that works directly with individuals and their needs in order to succeed within this industry. Alongside music production, song writing and everything that entails in following a successful career pathway as a musician, one significant factor always comes down to the management of copyright, and on how online collection can make or break an artist in regards to their annual income(s).

Offering all songwriters with the most innovative of solutions, Bridger is here to help ensure that each individual is collecting the income that they are entitled to as part of the copyright that are generated every time their music is either played or streamed on various digital platforms since its release. Collecting what your entitled to in terms of copyright has never been this straight forward, and with a number of factors impacting artist royalties, it is now estimated that around $655 million of such royalties are not paid out to their rights holders, and with such high volumes of distributions not going through, Bridger aim to avoid such occurrences, and in turn, allowing artists to generate the royalties that they are legally entitled to.

“Bridger is the simple solution songwriters were looking for. We can increase the amount of money artists earn by offering them an easy, intuitive and free platform for copyright collection. For many independent artists, Bridger provides the key to unlock an additional source of revenue, along with clear explanations of all the relevant mechanisms of the music industry.” – Jocelyn Seilles (Founder and General Manager of Bridger)

Releasing music on streaming services may seem like a normal occurrence for artists in this day and age, as they almost always depend on such platforms in a sense of reaching their desired audiences. Although the need of digital distributions is at the highest of demands, one specific detail is more often that not missed out in such instances, as digital distributors only collect master royalties, whilst Bridger on the other hand, also ensures that all copyright royalties are collected, and in turn resulting in a new source of revenue for artists. Taking that one level further, Bridger offers its services free of charge, thus enabling artists to make revenue from the offset, and from the very moment their music is streamed on their chosen digital platforms.

Signing up could not be any easier, with the registration process allowing for the most swift of transitions. With no administrative costs, and with 90% of their revenues kept entirely by each artist, Bridger is most definitely a no-brainer when it comes to this particular service. A new and innovative way in collecting copyright income, songwriters are now able to share their music with the world, and at the same, continue to make money from each avenue possible. Offering a wider look into how the industry works, and on how such money is generated on Bridger, be sure to check out the official website here, as any further information and general enquiries can be accessed easily through this immersive platform.


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