CamelPhat Ushuaïa Ibiza

CamelPhat crafted a beautiful remix of Fideles’ new offer ‘Night After Night’: Listen

Their remix is part of the ‘Night After Night‘ EP, the first release of the year from Italians Fideles.

Press play and let yourself be transported back to Zamna Tulum, to that epic Tale Of Us audiovisual set. ‘Night After Night’ was one of the tracks that dazzled on that and other Tale Of Us performances and also on the sets of their producer Fideles. After its heavenly and dreamy properties have had so many crowds dreaming over the last few months, Fideles’ ‘Night After Night’ EP is finally released on Afterlife, including this beautiful and emotive remix by CamelPhat.

Coincidence or not, melodic techno has this tradition of showcasing highly addictive and desirable tracks in performances and then leaving fans to suffer for long periods, grimacing until they can finally get their hands on those IDs. For all those who have been impatiently waiting for this masterpiece, the wait is finally over. CamelPhat’s remix of Fifeles ‘Night After Night’ sounds too good to be true, but it’s now available to stream on all major platforms.

But what’s so special about this remix? Everything. This rendition by CamelPhat elegantly and pristinely emphasises Fideles’ immersive production, making it a dance tune with trans-corporeal properties. One of the most striking elements of ‘Night After Night’ is undoubtedly the vocal of Be No Rain, which CamelPhat treat like a delicate dewdrop gently gliding on the velvety melody. Be No Rain is a voice carved for melodic pieces and the ingredient that makes them shine the most, as was also the case with KAS:ST‘s incredible ‘Hold Me To The Light‘. This rendition from the producing duo is a grand and glorious return for CamelPhat to Afterlife, after the powerful collaboration with AnymaThe Sign‘. ‘Night after night, slowly descends‘ are the words that seem to describe Afterlife’s upside-down man and the descent of this heavenly track to the earthly dancefloors. ‘Night After Night’ is extremely emotive, on transcendent levels. It’s a ballad, a heartfelt melody that touches everyone who hears it. The voice and synths are undoubtedly kings, but CamelPhat haven’t neglected the bass or percussion. After all, it’s a song for contemplation but also dancing. Listen to it now below:


Image Credit: Ushuaïa Ibiza (Press) / Provided by NEU Communications