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Charlotte de Witte set Ultra Miami Mainstage on fire with the finest techno: Watch

Charlotte filled the Ultra Miami Mainstage with her signature techno.

Techno is increasingly taking over the biggest stages in the world and Ultra Miami‘s magnificent Mainstage is no exception. This year, honouring its ever-growing techno tradition, the line-up featured a star-studded roster representing the genre, including techno queen Charlotte de Witte. In addition to being part of the most anticipated techno acts at this year’s edition of the Ultra Miami Festival, de Witte was also one of the top Mainstage acts to watch. And so it was. Shining on Day 1 of this year’s Ultra Miami, Charlotte de Witte took to the Mainstage ready to make every particle leave the floor to the sound of her music. If there were any doubts as to whether techno belonged on the Mainstage, they all dissolved at the sound of Charlotte de Witte’s massive soundwaves.

Not disregarding the importance that Ultra Miami and Miami Music Week have in setting the trends for the rest of the year, Charlotte brought her own productions and also music from her label KNTXT. The Belgian artist performed from 06:15 pm to 07:15 pm, an hour which seemed short but which Charlotte made the most of.

The set started very strong in terms of rhythm, garnering a massive response from the crowd within seconds. The first track was the beautiful intro mix of ‘Send the Signal‘ taken from Erso‘s 2022 EP of the same name. This was followed by a sound full of urbanism with a phenomenal vocal that immediately became one of the most chased IDs of this set. From her label KNTXT, Charlotte chose two tracks from Alignment that shared the energy that the techno queen chose for the evening. First ‘Nothingness‘ from 2020 was heard and later ‘Deep Space‘, one of the extracts from the EP ‘Close Your Eyes‘ set to be released on March 31. ‘Reflection‘, Charlotte’s collaboration with Enrico Sangiuliano released on Sangiuliano’s NINETOZERO recently and which has been featured prominently in the artist’s performances, could not be missed. Also from this techno couple is the award-winning remix of ‘The Age Of Love‘ which continues to drive the crowd wild. Charlotte also surprised with a version of ‘Imagination‘, a classic by the Belgian dance music group Milk Inc. German techno artist DJ Jordan is mentioned twice in this set as well, and it was to the sound of his ‘Positive Vibes‘ that Charlotte de Witte’s majestic set ended.

It was an hour of the finest techno that offered fans some favourites and left a huge buzz about some delicious IDs. Don’t miss out on Day 2 and check out the set times here.

Image Credit: Hï Ibiza (Press) / Provided by NEU Communications