Daft Punk - Random Access Memories

Daft Punk share first new music from ‘Random Access Memories’ anniversary edition

For fans of Daft Punk, it seems as though the famous duo of robots has been busier and more connected than ever with their fans despite their break-up back in 2021.  With the group now about to release a 10-year anniversary edition of their final album, Random Access Memories in May, they have shared their first piece of new music from the collection.

Most retirees take time away from their careers to be with family, sit on the beach, or work on their short game, but Daft Punk has spent their post-break-up years digging into the vault, unearthing rare live clips while sharing new music and remastered releases with their global fan base.  After spending 2022 acknowledging the 25th anniversary of their incredible debut album, Homework, they have begun 2023 looking back on their final album, Random Access Memories.  Set to arrive on May 12th, the 10th-Anniversary Edition of the album will include nine brand new recordings to further flesh out the vision for their epic swan song.  The music will be available on all streaming platforms as well as packaged in CD and vinyl formats with new booklets to commemorate the release.

Now the duo of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo have shared the first bit of new music to be included in the collection, the eight-plus minute track, The Writing of Fragments of Time.  The track opens with the familiar riff of the final product, Fragments Of Time, but the producers can be heard talking with Todd Edwards as they work out the lyrics and vocal melodies as the music plays on repeat.  Throughout the track, you can hear Edwards start singing the lyrics and melodies while the Daft Punk duo are in the background discussing the larger theme and vibe they are hoping to achieve for the track.

It is a unique peak behind the curtain of the process Daft Punk employed in creating their final album and an exciting first piece of the puzzle of the still-to-be-released tracks from the album.

Image Credit: Columbia / Daft Punk

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