Drum & Bass Essentials featuring PHIBES, Bladerunner & more

The beauty of Drum and Bass is all about exploration and what better way to showcase a few of those top-tier artists absolutely making their mark in the music industry? We Rave You is excited to present our Drum and Bass Essentials edition featuring PHIBES, Bladerunner, DJ SS, AZPECT, and KISMET.

Showcasing the very best and brightest in the Drum and Bass scene, We Rave You is pleased to present our very first edition of our Drum and Bass Essentials featuring no other than PHIBES, Bladerunner, DJ SS, AZPECT, and KISMET. Throwing it down at the legendary venue in Vancouver, BC known as The Red RoomDigital Motion hosted an iconic World of Drum and Bass event which absolutely blew our minds in the best way possible.

With PK sound at the venue to ensure all attendees have a one-of-a-kind experience at the venue, DJ SSS, AZPECT and KISMET set the stage individually and represented all of those music lovers in need of some fresh drum and bass to break it down. Dancing our hearts out from start to finish, PHIBES threw it down by playing crowd favorites such as ‘Sensi’ and ‘Badman Sound,’ you could immediately tell the crowd was there for a late night full of experimental drum and bass. Bladerunner also played an epic set which fueled the crowd with the utmost energy.

Be sure to check out the artists below and a few of our favorite tunes to update your playlists with.

BLADERUNNER: ‘Rave Machine’ 

PHIBES: ‘Day N Nite’ (PHIBES Bootleg)

AZPECT: ‘Syndicate EP’

Photo Credits: Digital Motion BC


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