Enrico Sangiuliano and Charlotte de Witte

Enrico Sangiuliano & Charlotte de Witte share their ‘Reflection’ EP: Listen

Reflection‘ is Enrico and Charlotte‘s second collaboration and the third release on Sangiuliano’s countdown imprint NINETOZERO.

In 2021, Enrico Sangiuliano and Charlotte de Witte released a brilliant techno-infused remix of ‘The Age Of Love‘, the great trance classic by Age Of Love. This debut collaboration between the couple proved to be a resounding success. The remix was declared the best-selling techno track of the year on Beatport and almost a year later scooped the coveted Gold Certificate. Now, it’s time to release the next collaboration and give fans a successor to the remix of ‘The Age Of Love’. ‘Reflection’ is a club-focused EP, armed with an otherworldly force where Enrico and Charlotte’s musical signatures are evident. The contribution of each is palpable but the result is cohesive, showing that their symbiosis happens also in the studio. About this collaboration, NINETOZERO label boss Enrico Sangiuliano says:

“The idea to do a collaborative track followed naturally after remixing ‘The Age Of Love’ a couple of years ago. After NINETOZERO was born, I invited Charlotte to work on the concept of ‘Reflection’: the change in direction of a sound wave passing from one medium to another. Together in the studio we wrote and recorded a vocal line and combined our production styles to come up with a stripped down, DJ oriented track that could translate our idea and at the same time play with the meaning of the sentence. We’re very excited about this release! What’s your reflection? Find your direction.”

The title track is a hard-hitting techno track. The percussion is sharp, with a furious pace that now and then leaks a resemblance to the sounds Charlotte employed on her ‘Formula‘ EP. Beyond all the cerebral layers that paint the soundscape of this track, the highlight goes to the vocal line ‘What’s your reflection? Find your direction‘ from Charlotte herself.

The second track is an intro mix of ‘Reflection‘. With truly alien characteristics, it fills the space of clearer sounds and frequencies. It is made up of short vocal shops and a collection of atmospheric layers and flowing synths.

The third track ‘Source Of Propagation‘ is literally what its title claims it to be. Surprisingly disruptive, the third extract is not a tune for dancing. Defying the usual norms, the third track is a mysterious, deep-voiced, low-pitched monologue where the definition of reflection is proclaimed. It’s amazing if you listen carefully and let the deconstruction of the concept dominate your mind.

It is a conceptual EP, in the image of NINETOZERO itself. Listen to the ‘Reflection’ EP below:

Image Credit: Enrico Sangiuliano and Charlotte de Witte (Press) / Provided by The Echo Agency