Charlotte de Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano

Charlotte de Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano set to drop new EP ‘Reflection’

Enrico Sangiuliano and Charlotte de Witte join their musical forces again, this time to deliver ‘Reflection‘, a brand new chapter from Sangiuliano’s NINETOZERO conceptual project.

This techno couple keeps making headlines. Enrico and Charlotte seem to be inseparable in life and also in music. It has been common to see them together on stage at the same events supporting each other and also in their splendid b2b. A few days ago, Enrico Sangiuliano and Charlotte de Witte uploaded their magnificent b2b at last year’s Burning Man, a gift much appreciated by their huge legion of fans. On the music production front, the couple released a techno rendition of the trance classic ‘The Age Of Love‘ in August 2021. This powerful remix of one of Age Of Love‘s most established works received immeasurable support, granting it not only the title of Beatport’s best-selling techno track in 2021 but also the Gold Certificate almost a year after its release. Enrico and Charlotte are inevitably a recipe for success. That’s why it’s with great excitement that it is now known that they will be releasing music together again. ‘Reflection’ is the name of Enrico Sangiuliano and Charlotte de Witte’s three-track EP and the third instalment on Enrico’s NINETOZERO label. The EP is now available for pre-order and will be released across all platforms on March 17.

Early last year, Enrico launched the NINETOZERO project. More than a label, this conceptual project is the result of the combination of Sangiuliano’s passion for techno and his skills in engineering and sound design. NINETOZERO is a time-limited imprint of ten decreasing chapters that started on the ninth, thus constituting the nine to zero saga. For the third act of this piece, the producer teams up with his other half Charlotte de Witte to explore sound waves together.

The release of ‘Reflection’ will be celebrated in all due pomp and circumstance with a NINETOZERO SOLO event in Rome on March 18, at Spazio Novecento. Tickets are available for purchase here.


Image Credit: NIMAX Photography