Enrico Sangiuliano

Enrico Sangiuliano is bringing his soundwaves to Ultra Miami 2023 [Live]

Sangiuliano will dominate the Resistance stage and bring some of his strongest beats to the last day of the Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

The Resistance Stage is a fixture at Ultra Music Festival in Miami and also at Miami Music Week. Resistance is the realm dominated by strong techno beats and the habitat for the vast majority of techno sets from this year’s Ultra Miami lineup. One of the most anticipated techno sets of day 3 of the festival taking place on Resistance Stage’s incredible Megastructure is that of Italy’s Enrico Sangiuliano and there’s good news for everyone. If you’re not lucky enough to have a ticket to the festival or if you’re not in Miami right now, you’ll be able to catch Sangiuliano’s performance in full as it’s part of today’s livestreams.

Enrico Sangiuliano seems to be living through some very golden times in his career. Lately, he has made himself noticed in several headlines, especially since he created his countdown imprint NINETOZERO. This imprint has an extremely conceptual nature and combines Sangiuliano’s skills as a music producer and sound engineer. NINETOZERO’s third instalment is the EP ‘Reflection‘, a collaborative work of Enrico and Charlotte de Witte. The tracks immediately climbed to the top of the techno charts and have been making a splash in both of their sets.

Today, in a performance that promises to be iconic, you can expect to hear ‘Reflection’, the title track featuring Charlotte’s vocals, but also hear IDs that could be the next chapters in NINETOZERO’s countdown concept. Enrico Sangiuliano’s performances have increasingly filled big stages at major festivals and the Resistance stage will certainly be a perfect fit. Don’t miss out on Sangiuliano’s set and catch his set from 03:00 pm on the livestream from the Ultra Miami Resistance stage available here.


Image Credit: Enrico Sangiuliano (Press)