Gregor Tresher

Bootshaus will host the first Cologne Calling (Gregor Tresher invites) event on March 18

Ben Klock and Mathew Jonson are some of the guests at this exciting techno event Cologne Calling (Gregor Tresher invites) at Bootshaus.

Bootshaus is a house of strong emotions and is also the epicentre of the best parties. Week after week, Cologne’s most famous venue has been hosting your favourite artists in a roll of stardom with no forecast to slow down. On March 18, it will be time for Bootshaus to open its doors to host the event Cologne Calling (Gregor Tresher invites). This will be techno stalwart Gregor Tresher’s first event of its kind and promises to be simply mind-blowing.

Tresher is a living legend in the realm of electronic music. The German artist started his career in the early 90s and has never let the flame of music die down since. Many years have passed since his inception, but his music is still highly desirable. The secret? Producing unique music. Gregor Tresher, author of the beautifully crafted ‘A Thousand Nights‘ has managed to pristinely preserve the shimmering beauty of 90s trance-infused melody and combine it with the most elegant techno, creating an exquisite, refined and sublime sound. The organicity and plasticity of Tresher’s music also come through in his performances, as you’ll be able to witness this month at the steaming clubbing institution Bootshaus.

For this premiere of his ‘Gregor Tresher invites’ events, the artist has invited some other renowned players on the circuit. Berghain resident Ben Klock is one of the artists who will be with Tresher in the main room booth, as well as Mathew Jonson who will ravish with another of his live performances. At Blckbx, at the same pace, a second batch of Gregor Tresher’s guests await, including Anja Schneider, Oliver Schories, and Antipolar. Don’t want to miss this night dedicated to the finest techno? Grab your tickets here.



Image Credit: Gregor Tresher (Press) / Provided by Bootshaus