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House Music Essentials Vol. 12 featuring Matroda, Orbital, Phantoms & more

We Rave You presents the twelfth edition of our House Music Essentials featuring top-tier artists Matroda, Orbital, Phantoms, Marc Antonix, Crystal Waters, Tim Clark, Jimmy Pé, Martial Simon, LEFTI, Rich Furniss, and Mike Martel.

In need of your next house remedy to satisfy you as we head into the Spring season, well look no further as We Rave You has got you covered with a series of epic releases to update your playlists with our twelfth House Music Essentials edition. This month features no other than house music and genre-defying artists Matroda, Orbital, Phantoms, Marc Antonix, Crystal Waters, Tim Clark, Jimmy Pé, Martial Simon, LEFTI, Rich Furniss, and Mike Martel.


Orbital  – “Optical Delusion” Album

Orbital have today released their critically acclaimed new studio album Optical Delusion via London Records. The album includes the BBC6 Music playlisted lead single “Dirty Rat”, an incendiary collaboration with Sleaford Mods, “Ringa Ringa (The Old Pandemic Folk Song)” featuring The Mediaeval Baebes, plus new single “Are You Alive?” featuring Penelope Isles. With Optical Delusion, their 10th studio album, Orbital dig deeper into the unquiet psyche of our increasingly surreal and disordered world. Sketched out partly during lockdown but fully recorded in the uncertain After Times, the album summons up conflicting emotions and beguiling images from recent times, when the science fiction doomsdays that the Hartnoll brothers watched on TV as kids finally came true. The new album is the latest in a burst of renewed post-pandemic creativity for two brothers who’ve stayed at the top of their game longer than anyone from the post-1988 Class of Acid House.

Matroda – “Can’t Fight The Feeling”

Croatian-born superstar Matroda has been on an absolute tear these past couple of years when it comes down to the house music scene. Now, he is once again lighting up dance floors with his new tantalizing single, “Can’t Fight The Feeling”. Dropping on his very own label, Terminal Underground, this house heater opens with one of Matroda’s renowned signature piano progressions. These notes are layered with a thumping percussion-fueled bassline that makes listeners want to break out in shuffles. Rounding out the dance anthem, an uplifting vocal radiates an electrifying aura. Through its thrilling snare-infused buildups and high-energy effects, “Can’t Fight The Feeling” is the epitome of the famous “Matrodasound”. As shocking as it may be, this instant hit from Matroda is accompanied by a long list of crowd-favorited originals. The house legend is only getting warmed up and we are all here to see Matroda shine.

Phantoms – “This Can’t Be Everything” Album
Indie-dance duo Phantoms celebrates the release of the Deluxe Edition of their 2022 album ‘This Can’t Be Everything’, out on February 17th via ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective imprint.  The Deluxe Edition of their sophomore album comes as a 2-disc release, with the second disc boasting a string of new music and fresh remixes of the album’s original tracks from top names in the space. Preceding the Deluxe Album’s release, Phantoms teased the sounds sure to be featured with the dynamic, funk-fueled production “The Way You Groove”, as well as a driving remix of top album single “Firepit” ft. Big Wild by Dillistone.  Other remixes that grace the second disc include contributions from Leo Islo, who remixed “Lay It All On Me”, Third Culture giving their take on “No Reason” as well as Fort Romeau’s reimagining of “Firepit” and Covex delivering a rendition of “Do You Want My Love.  Another new original track “Crash My Car” is featured on the album, as well as an Alt Version of “Only You”, and a Deluxe Exclusive, extended cut of “Lay It All On Me.”



Marc Antonix – “Nocturnal / Outerspace” EP
Marc Antonix is on a clear mission to showcase his vibrant and eclectic sound which ranges from bass house, electro, and bass melodies. By combining classic breaks and intense percussions such as his recent track “So Fine” with ARIA, the Los-Angeles based artist entices listeners to enter a futuristic aural environment built upon waves of sub-bass frequencies to initiate an energetic groove on the dance floor. Back to kick off 2023 on the brightest note, Marc Antonix has released an impressive two-track Nocturnal / Outerspace EP via IN THE DARK RECORDS. Both tracks clearly support the artist’s vision to explore the realms of house music while keeping elements of mystery and surprises along the way as Marc Antonix does what he does best.


Mike Martel – “Pull You Under”

Taking his musical identity to the next level in 2023, Mike Martel has dropped his debut single, “Pull You Under”. This track opens up with a heavenly sequence of echoes and blissful soundscapes, instantly putting listeners in a trance. A collaboration with talented LA-based lyricist Drew Love, “Pull You Under” is also layered with his breathtaking vocals. Weaving through transcendent melodies and soothing future bass drops, the dance anthem is much more than its sound. Together, Martel and Love spread a message about all the obstacles people face in their lives. The powerful lyrics are a vessel for its audience to release whatever holds them back and be comfortable with the fact that sometimes things don’t go as planned.


LEFTI, Rich Furniss – “You Made It” (feat. Amazonian Rockstar)

Rich and LEFTI have decided to team up on their newest house heater, “You Made It”. Featuring uplifting vocals from the gifted Amazonian Rockstar, this groovy anthem has the ability to light up any dance floor. Backed by a resonating bassline and mesmerizing percussive elements, “You Made It” blends tech house and disco into a house-fueled adventure. Rich and LEFTi prove that they are both forces to be reckoned with the release of this infectious hit.

Martial Simon  – “Super Trouper”

Nothing gets a dance floor fired up quite like an infectious house flip of a classic. Born with a sixth sense for rhythm, NYC-based DJ and producer Martial Simon has mastered this technique. Now he is once again showcasing his ability to turn an iconic track into a house heater with his new single, “Super Trouper”. Martial’s rendition is a modern, energetic spin on the original song by the 1970’s superstar group ABBA. Kicking off with a smooth flow of snaps and ABBA’s uplifting lyrics, “Super Trouper” introduces a groovy bassline filled with crisp percussive elements. By adding in magnetic effects and thrilling house melodies, Martial perfectly fuses a throwback vibe and modern electronic together in this club-ready hit.


Tim Clark –  “Forgiving Hearts” 

Take one listen to Tim Clark’s new single, “Forgiving Hearts” and it is clear that this song comes at the perfect time. Collaborating with the incredible vocalist Robin Vane, “Forgiving Hearts” tells an emotional story of overcoming addiction and finding forgiveness in your relationship for the struggles it has caused in the past. The deep and meaningful lyrics are accompanied by ethereal soundscapes and a hypnotic bassline. Fusing multiple sound components together, “Forgiving Hearts” is an infectious hybrid of a pop ballad and EDM tune. While “Forgiving Hearts” emits an aura overflowing with love, Tim has demonstrated his affinity for music in a variety of other ways.

Jimmy Pé – “Tunnel Vision”

Introducing an unprecedented style of production to electronic music, Jimmy Pé has proved to be an extremely innovative artist. The most recent evidence of this is Jimmy’s brand-new single, “Tunnel Vision”. Kicking off with a spellbinding stand-alone vocal, the track immediately locks in its audience. As the song progresses, Jimmy throws his patented “broken-beat” rhythms into the mix. “Tunnel Vision” embodies an electrifying bassline, making it an optimal choice for a warehouse rave. To go along with the modern techno-fueled anthem, Jimmy has also released a mind-bending music video. This riveting clip shows a dominatrix-themed dancer in latex who receives an unknown phone call at the beginning of the track, after which the whole show begins. It is full of captivating shots and mysterious elements, where at the end the viewer gets no resolution or punchline. The only thing the viewer is left to accept is that they don’t know anything, leaving them intrigued and wanting more.


Crystal Waters – “2B LUV” Remixes

Widely viewed as the Queen of house music, Crystal Waters has shown no signs of slowing down since her breakthrough in 1991 – recently praised by Washington Post as an artist who helped “bring house music to the masses”. Since her start, she’s landed thirteen Billboard #1s, continues to be one of the most sampled and covered artists (see Coldplay’s cover here), and every new song she releases finds its way into the sets of today’s most iconic DJs. Today, Crystal has unveiled a charming set of part three remixes for her recent single, “2B LUV” spreading more love just in time for Valentine’s Day. She enlisted legendary artists David Morales, Todd Terry, and David Anthony (who also produced the original), which premiered on Tomorrowland Radio, for what is a jackin’ remix collection perfectly complementing this anthemic single.


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