Imanbek x Baby B3ns

Imanbek teams up with Baby B3ns for upbeat new single, ‘Sunglasses’; listen

With an ever-growing list of collaborators, singles, and remixes, the Kazakhstan-born producer Imanbek is continuing to make a name for himself around the globe.  His latest release finds him teaming up with a viral Berlin star and revisiting an 80’s classic track for what is sure to be an insatiable global hit.

While future generations may not remember the name Corey Hart and the impact he once had on pop culture, the hauntingly beautiful hit single, Sunglasses At Night still resonates in clubs and on playlists around the world for its infectious melodies.  Looking to deliver a modern take meant for the dance floor, Imanbek turned what was a chance encounter at a party into a beautiful collaboration.  Berlin-based pop icon and fashionista Baby B3ns connected with Imanbek and his manager randomly at a party in Berlin in the summer of 2022, and the two exchanged music which would lead to the creation of their new release.

Upon hearing the sleek production and pulsing bass line, Baby B3ns attributed it to the “new Berlin house sound,” and the two returned to the studio to complete the track.  With the familiar refrain of “I wear my sunglasses at night, So I can, so I can Watch you weave then breathe your story lines,” the melody instantly grabs listeners as the track pulses forward with every measure.  Instead of sticking to the original lyrics, the duo opted to focus on the chorus as Baby B3ns switches between delivering the iconic lines in both English and German, helping to provide nuance without ever changing the lyric.

At just two and a half minutes, it is a quick burst of energy and excitement that will fit well into DJ sets around the world throughout the summer festival season.  Enjoy SUNGLASSES by Imanbek and Baby B3ns out now.

Image Credit: Press Photo/ Provided by Get In! PR

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