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IMS Ibiza announces first 10 key topics & speakers for upcoming 2023 summit
IMS Ibiza
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IMS Ibiza announces first 10 key topics & speakers for upcoming 2023 summit

Home Uncategorized IMS Ibiza announces first 10 key topics & speakers for upcoming 2023 summit

Playing a pivotal role in the dance industry’s sustainability and growth, IMS Ibiza will be returning for its 2023 edition for a 3-day event at the end of April, and in turn, has just announced its Top 10 Key Topics and Speakers that will feature during the summit.

Returning for its fourteenth edition, the International Music Summit, or more commonly known as IMS Ibiza, will be diving deeper into the sectors that have been impacting the electronic dance industry, and more significantly, will be looking at a diverse and powerful mix of content, that in turn has resulted in how the future of the industry can be shaped in due time. Taking place from the 26th and up until the 28th of April, the summit will be held at Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort for the second year running, with everyone in attendance belonging in a private group of individuals that cater for the dance industry through their specific roles and attributions. Uniting each and every individual that influences our community through their actions, IMS Ibiza has also announced the first ten speakers and ten key topics that will feature prominently across the three day summit.

Looking directly into the future, and how different technological aspects can help shape the industry in a more efficient and effective manner, the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one that will have everyone in attendance hooked on the prospect of the use of computer machines in a bid to stimulate human intelligence, whilst at the same time, also implement it in a manner that will benefit our industry in more ways than none. Moreover, the key part played by the metaverse within the dance scene, and the ever-increasing use of the Web3 Community amongst peers and fans, will be heavily discussed throughout the summit, whilst other topics also include Diversity and Inclusivity, Ageing in Club Culture, Neurodiversity, Agent vs Promoter, as well as a presidential debate on AI and on whether we are actually for or against it. Featuring also a stacked line up of highly acclaimed speakers within their individual fields, IMS Ibiza 2023 is one that will be keeping a close eye on as it commences next month.

“IMS returns to open the Ibiza season with a powerful and diverse mix of carefully considered content focused on the key issues facing our industry today. In 2023, we no longer have the luxury of speculating about the future: AI has fully arrived, and things will move fast from this point forward. In our industry’s first full year back to business after COVID, we’re presented with a dizzying array of new products, problems, and possibilities. Artists finally returning to touring do so amongst a huge generational shift and soaring production and travel costs whilst attempting to navigate the increasingly complex environmental issues surrounding live music. As a tidal wave of AI-generated content sweeps in, some welcome a new era of creative possibilities, while others lament the loss of another aspect of humanity in music, all while a cornucopia of unanswered questions are created concerning the control of rights. It’s time for us to collectively ‘Face the Future’.” – Ben Turner (IMS Co-Founder & Lead Curator)

Co-hosted by leading BBC Radio 1 broadcasters Pete Tong MBE and Jaguar, IMS Ibiza 2023 will kick-start its evaluation of the dance industry in the most distinct of manners, as each of the featured topics will be analysed to the ultimate of their extent, in a bid to gain a clear view on how our community reacts to a wide range of matters and issues, as well as the way in which they are dealt with, always with the best interest in mind, in regards to sustainability and growth. Further information on IMS Ibiza 2023 can be found on their official website here.

Image Credit: Mario Pinta / Provided by Neighbourhood PR

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