Jaden Bosjen

Jaden Bojsen puts a sensational spin on “La La Land”

Rising German producer and DJ Jaden Bojsen is quickly becoming known in the industry for his fresh and energetic style. The former actor and boy band frontman is starting to consolidate his position as one of the best young artists in the game, and his take on Green Velvet’s iconic “La La Land” shows exactly why he’s on the path to stardom.


A slightly darker take on a dance classic, Bojsen’s remix manages to breathe new life in to the track while maintaining the cool and carefree funkiness of the original. With stuttering, distorted vocals and a heavenly fuzzy lead, the young talent arguably makes the song even more danceable than it was before! It’s a smart and restrained effort, with a clear focus on building on a great foundation rather than trying to make a track into something it’s not.


Bojsen will celebrate the release of this new remix with a performance at the “LaLaLand Miami” pool party as part of Miami Music Week. Featuring Green Velvet himself as well as other big names like Eats Everything and John Summit, the party is sure to be one you won’t want to miss.


Listen to the La La Land remix here, and keep up with Bojsen by following his official pages on Instagram and YouTube.


Image credit: Jaden Bojsen (Press)