Kevin de Vries

Kevin de Vries debuts on Tomorrowland Music with ‘Pegasus’: Listen

Pegasus‘ is the first original from Kevin de Vries this year and his debut on Tomorrowland Music.

Kevin de Vries is one of the most prominent names on the melodic techno circuit and a favourite under the imprint Afterlife. Since his inception in 2015, he has cemented his name with sublime productions, the result of exquisite and thoughtful production.

Sailing the seas of hybrid techno, Kevin de Vries has a knack for producing music made for all stages. His tracks are versatile enough to be used by artists from all spectrums of electronic music and have been a very desirable raw material for remixes. Last year he released ‘Dance With Me‘ on Afterlife, one of the most spinned tracks of the entire festival season last year and has received a remix from Kölsch and many edits. Now, debuting his list of 2023 original releases and marking his debut at Tomorrowland Music, de Vries releases ‘Pegasus’. This hypnotic dance piece is available now on all platforms.

The title ‘Pegasus’ conjures up a fantasy world and the sound of this track takes you exactly there. Its undulating synths build dreamy soundwaves that make your feet lift off the ground. On the concept behind this offer, the producer commented:

“I made ‘Pegasus’ at the end of 2021. It has an emotional yet euphoric build up towards the break where a choir melts with the main lead. It has been my closing track for the past year and has a very close place to my heart. I’m very happy to finally release it.”

Despite its apparent simplicity, ‘Pegasus’ exudes incredible drum work. The beat is steady and punchy, making sure that the rhythm never wavers, not even when the break gives you back the space perception. The drop is right in Kevin de Vries’ elegant style, less obvious but very engaging. ‘Pegasus’ is a highly hypnotic, deep yet uplifting track, conveying contagious energy. It’s heavenly, it’s perfect.

After being used for many months, by Kevin de Vries and many other artists, it’s finally time to grab this track. Listen to it below:

Image Credit: Kevin de Vries (Press) / Provided by Tomorrowland