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Leia Contois on ‘Start Over’ remix and performing at the iconic Red Rocks: Interview

If electronic music is right up your alley, then Leia Contois is a name you’ll want to remember.

Leia Contois is a multi-talented artist who works as a singer, songwriter, DJ, and model. Her deep love for music and passion for traveling propelled her into the music industry. She had always wanted to share her passion with the world. From a young age, Leia set out to become a multi-talented individual. She aimed to accomplish personal goals in different categories as a singer, recording artist, DJ, performer, and a top-tier professional model. She notes, “I wanted to achieve my dreams in a very creative sense. I hoped by doing this it would help inspire people to pursue their goals in the music industry… or any other dream they might have! No matter where or what situation they might come from.”

Her creativity and talent are depicted in her latest single, “Start Over”, which has received a tremendous welcome from the fans. “Start Over” was released on Crosstown Rebels, and the reception was massive. The song is with Damian Lazarus & Gorgon City, some of the industry’s finest. The “Start Over Remix” is also a hit, taking the electronic music charts like beatport by storm. 

A major accomplishment of Leia’s entries into the music scene is the grand performance at the Red Rock amphitheater in Denver Co., a milestone worth celebrating. Even though it was freezing cold and snowing that morning the show still went on. It was a sold out show fully packed at 14,500 people, And boy did that iconic trio bring the fire to the stage, literally!


Leia Contois

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Leia is the Cover model for Glamour Bulgaria and has performed as a DJ and singer at numerous events and festivals. Some of these include the grand Red Rocks, as noted, Coachella Shows and private parties in Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Paris, Bahamas, Mykonos, Tulum, Ibiza, London, Capri, Sayulita, and many more iconic destinations.

If you’re yet to experience the feel of this multi-talented artist, DJ, model, and social influencer, you’re missing out on a lot. Leia’s contribution to the electronic music scene cannot be overlooked. Check out her social media sites, Instagram /Spotify /Apple Music /Performance at Red Rocks /Single /Remix, for an immersive experience.

Her future projects include new releases with top artists in the industry. Some of these include Francis Mercier & Kasango, Higher Ground, Crosstown, and many more. Leia Contois also has numerous events lined up in her catalog. These include upcoming events in Tel Aviv, New York, Miami, Las Vegas, and San Diego before returning to Europe in June for the summer. Meanwhile, keep enjoying the fantastic “Start Over” tune as you wait for the release of future projects.

We Rave You recently interviewed Leia Contois, this is what the rising star shared with us:

  1. What’s the story behind “Start Over”? How did you, Damian and Gorgon City first decide to collaborate on this brilliant track?

So me and Damian first met back in Mykonos six or seven summers ago now, wow time flies lol. Anyways yeah, I met him and his wife and we all clicked and hit it off right away. They instantly became a part of my close friend circle. At this time in my life I was still heavily modeling/ spending a lot of time in Europe, so we were constantly around each other and in the same scene. Damian is a genius when it comes to all things in music, but especially when it comes to his visions and how he sees certain people in music. I’m really lucky that he is one of my mentors and took it upon himself to believe in me, and take a chance on me with this record. 

Damian first introduced me to Gorgon City at his event Wild is Love during Art of the Wild at the Wynn resort in Las Vegas. Damian and I had known that we wanted to work on a collaboration together but we weren’t quite sure about the execution just yet. The moment he introduced me to them and kinda looked side to side at me then at them in the same room, I saw his eyes light up and the idea surface right before my eyes. He was like “I have an idea”;) So he invited me to his 50th birthday celebration at his beautiful home in Florence, Italy, and then we would try to cook up some magic and see what we could come up with… In hopes of a collaboration between me, him and Gorgon City. 

He wasn’t guaranteeing that we would in fact make a hit record or work well together but he said he’d give it a go. And that little glimmer of light was all I needed. So of course I got my bum over to Italy, to one of the most incredible birthday extravaganza’s I’ve ever been to, and put in that work! Not the smartest idea I’ve had, setting up a music session after a party, but we smashed it! We basically kind of structured out the song beatwise and got it written, and then sent it over to Gorgon city for them to add too and they eventually made their way out to Italy, to Damian’s studio to finish out the track production. Even though we were halfway across the world from one another at almost all times, we managed to work effortlessly together. I can truly say from the bottom of my heart it was such a lovely experience working with everyone on this project. I’m just so thankful and lucky to have this be my first splash into the music industry and with these artists as collaborators by my side 🙂 

  1. You´ve already performed at major festivals and graced the covers of global magazines. What can your fans expect this year?

New music! I have been pushing myself majorly as a songwriter and singer more so than I have ever in my life. Since the release of my song “start over” major artists have approached me for songwriting and vocal opportunities. So I’m just trying to take advantage of each and everyone of that while staying true to my sound and message as an artist. I will also begin to do a lot more DJ performances starting in the summer. The next two months are dedicated to studio time and starting in June the European summer scene commences. 

  1. Do you have a favorite city to perform live in? Or do you enjoy different vibes from different spaces and crowds?

I love performing in Europe in general, and I feel like I have performed there a lot more than America. MYKONOS is one of my favorite places as I have lived there many summers in a row so I have lots of friends there to support my shows. Recently last year I got to DJ a couple of shows in Tel Aviv and I must say that is one of my new favorite places to perform! I could definitely see myself living there and thriving there.

If it’s not about a destination, one of my favorite places to perform in general, anywhere in the world, is at a jazz bar. All I need is an instrument and a microphone and it will be hard to get me off that stage.

  1. How did you first discover your passion for producing and performing? If you were not doing this, what would you be doing?

So, I knew I was a performer from a very young age. I could sing before I could talk, and knew I was born to entertain! My mother was definitely highly aware of my talents and she put me into a private music Academy starting in kindergarten. I was classically trained with instruments, had a full time vocal coach, and by the third grade, I had joined a traveling acting, dancing, and singing group called “shenanigans”. We would travel around the United States, performing at different state fairs or bigger events like basketball games or baseball games, etc.. I was fully performing recitals, plays, able to execute multiple levels of dance styles, fully engulfed in the world of a performer. 

Now, producing is a different story and also a New-found hidden talent I didn’t know I possessed. My musical journey took a pause at around age 11, when my mother was tragically killed in a freak accident from a paintball gun. A lot of my life after that was dedicated to raising awareness and finding a solution around her death. Once I had accomplished that I went off to get my college degree and got scouted for modeling! All the while, music was clearly trying to bust it’s way back into my life.

I got different opportunities to sing live at some smaller Jazz venues here in Los Angeles. I have a lot of friends that are signed to major labels for songwriting so naturally, as I progressed further into getting back into music, I was surrounding myself around more of my Music friends. I realized a lot of the time I was kind of sitting around, waiting for the producer (usually a guy) to finish my songs. I thought to myself, “hmm maybe I could do this?” “But i’m a girl” “can girls produce?” I thought that maybe if I could go to school and learn how to get these ideas that are all in my head out digitally, onto a program that these producers are using, it would be useful for me as an artist. I didn’t have to walk out of school being the best producer. I thought maybe I wouldn’t be half bad at it, and it can only make me stronger as a singer to learn how to produce right!?! Boy did I underestimate how hard learning how to produce is. And boy did I mess around and find out that I had a new talent! Producing!

I attended Point Blank Music Academy and got my degree in producing, mixing, and sound design, as well as djing vinyl and cd’s. I am so thankful that I attended this program as it has forever changed me as an artist/person. I truly feel like I unlocked another level of myself. I already had the skills and talents flowing through my body and brain. The lessons/classes really just brought them to the surface. Most of the men in my class had been producing on Ableton for 4+ years already. I was the only real beginner in the class, and I struggled for the first three weeks. Once we changed views in the program, everything clicked and started aligning for me. I’m happy I attended school as I have a new appreciation and respect for producers. I do not want to produce my own projects, I don’t think I have enough experience especially with mixing vocals, but I know I could successfully be hired as a producer for other artist projects and help them achieve the sound they’re wanting thanks to learning how to produce. I messed around and found a new talent 😉 

Congrats on the Reboot Remix of “Start Over” . Is there more music coming out soon?

Thank you so much, the remix has gotten such positive feedback! Reboot absolutely smashed that one!!! to answer your question, Yes there is a lot of new music coming out. My official next release will be on April 28 with Todd Terry! Keep your eyes open and check out my music platforms to stay in tune for all the following releases after that! 


Featured Image Credit: Leia Contois (Press) / Courtesy of Ascend Agency

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