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Marsal Ventura & Jbill shake things up with Tech Mix of ‘Amanecer’: Listen

Already becoming a viral sensation within the Spanish club scene and on socials, Marsal Ventura and Jbill have created up a storm with their flamenco-inspired tech hit ‘Amanecer.’

Once in a while, a track comes along that completely changes the dynamics of electronic music, pushing the boundaries even further. This is exactly what renowned producer Marsal Ventura and Jbill have done with a completely fresh take on the Spanish tech house world. The fresh take in question happens to be the pair’s latest single ‘Amanecer,’ which has not only been taking the local Spanish club scene by storm, but has also gained traction on social media, turning it into the latest viral success.


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This Tech Mix sees a unique formation of passionate flamenco sounds and medieval guitars mixed together with the modern flavour of tech-house spice to keep the party going all night. Unlike anything you’ve heard before, there’s no wonder as to why this one is whipping crowds into a frenzy and pumping the dancefloor with electrifying vibes. In addition to this powerful Tech Mix, ‘Amanecer’ also has other versions just in case you haven’t gotten your fill of the Tech Mix, being the original and the Demotone remix that takes the song by Marsal Ventura and Jbill to darker and deeper grounds.

Listen to the Tech Mix of ‘Amanecer’ below and let us know what you think!

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