Neon Instruments

Neon Instruments unveils fresh new EP on Lauterhaus titled ‘Midnight Sky’: Listen

Marrying the sounds of old and new, Neon Instruments has unveiled his newest 4-track EP ‘Midnight Sky‘ on Alex Lauter‘s Lauterhaus label.

Not only making moves in his local scene, Neon Instruments is a name that has been making its way around the electronic music circuit, specifically the house world. With house music in his DNA, the producer has a deep understanding of what it takes to create catchy, feel-good tracks that hold the listeners’ attention. With this said, his latest offering sees him team up with Lauterhaus head honcho Alex Lauter to release the 4-track EP ‘Midnight Sky.’

Expertly bridging the gap between old school, ‘golden days’ of EDM and the new sound that sometimes feels worlds away from each other, Neon Instruments has managed to touch on multiple different sides of the house scene that is sure to please any type of music lover. Whether you love the nostalgic and euphoric side of house or the edgier, heart thumping style, you’ll find it all wrapped up in this EP.

“Truly some of the best music I’ve heard come out in a while, I’m honored to be able to help & support by releasing this EP & pushing it out – it’s only bound to blow up. So happy it’s finally out,” says Alex Lauter on the release

From the title track ‘Midnight Sky’ and its instrumental version which serves a nostalgic reminder of the golden era of EDM with its progressive and joyous soundscape, we then move onto the club-ready ‘Parasite,’ which serves us up a fresh take on house with its deeper, futuristic synths and relentless attitude. ‘Up All Night’ is a track that certainly lives up to its name, making us want to stay up all night dancing to its infectious rhythm.

Taking us on a whirlwind of a musical journey, ‘Midnight Sky’ is an infectious EP that showcases the talents of Neon Instruments in a whole new light and is now available to stream in full via Lauterhaus.

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