Quas showcases his strong house roots with latest take on Fat Joe & Ashanti’s classic ‘What’s Luv?’: Listen

Hailing from Miami, FL, a city that lives and breathes house music, no matter the time of day or location, it is impossible to avoid its rhythmic appeal while within the city limits.  Surrounded by that environment and inspiration, Quas is the latest producer to emerge from the region and is delivering his own brand of house music as he looks to make an impact on the industry.

While his debut single, Lights, Camera, Action, Bassline was released just a few months ago, in October of 2022, the track sounds like the work of a seasoned veteran, with its infectious rhythms, pulsing bassline, and hypnotic vocal topline, where a female voice calls out the words of the title, transcending listeners to a house themed movie set. It is a stunning introduction and a track that demands the listener’s attention, both for its infectious energy and also for the fullness of the production.  Looking to keep the momentum going, Quas returned early in 2023 with his next release, the funk-tinged single, Vehiqle, which builds upon the work of his first release.  He discusses the journey and the inspiration for the track here:

“Vehiqle is a personal favorite of mine because it draws inspiration from classic rock, one of my biggest musical inspirations as an artist. It was also one of the first songs I produced when I started my production journey about a year ago, so it’s very satisfying to see the end result after a year of making changes and progress. I’m not gonna lie, the first version was pretty ass. Fun fact: I found the sample for the song from watching season 4 episode 2 of Ozark. (‘Vehicle’ by Ides of March.) I immediately stopped watching and made the first version in 30 minutes. Thanks for listening.”

Not looking to be stagnant, his latest offering is a fresh take on the Fat Joe and Ashanti classic track, What’s Luv?  Once again, Quas dials into the track, delivering a house-style anthem that will no doubt be a staple of the Miami music scene and beyond in no time.  While he’s just getting started, Quas is building for a massive future.


Image Credit: Quas (Press) / Provided by Artist

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