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Rezz releases hair-raising new track ‘Suffer In Silence’: Listen

Rezz has just released yet another razor-sharp tune called ‘Suffer In Silence’ out on her own imprint HypnoVizion Records.

Following up her first single of the year with Wreckno and Quackson entitled ‘Gyrate’, Rezz circles back with a brand new tune that might just send shivers down your spine.  ‘Suffer In Silence’ is stated to mimic the feeling of anxiety. Rezz, who appeared on KITTENS ‘She/Her/They’ podcast late last year stated that during the beginning of her ‘Spiral’ tour, had terrible bouts of insomnia and anxiety, so much so, that she almost canceled her shows.

‘Suffer In Silence’ is unsettling and eerily similar to that all too familiar feeling. The track begins with an ominous sawtooth synth melody that moves its way down a peculiar minor scale as the background pads swarm in swallowing the melody whole. As the song develops, the breakdown is swanky and hard-hitting. However, the spirit of the dark synths prevail. The second drop introduced sharper arps, more dramatic breaks, and a really cool and well-placed beep, evoking the sound of a flatlined heartbeat.

Rezz has so much to say without saying anything at all within the three-minute track, and we hear her loud and clear.

Listen to ‘Suffer In Silence’ by Rezz below:

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