Richie Hawtin

Richie Hawtin acquires Aslice during his ‘From Our Minds’ tour in a bid to bridge the pay gap within the dance scene

Richie Hawtin acquires the use of Aslice during his ‘From Our Minds‘ tour in a bid to bridge the pay gap within the dance scene, and offer producers a percentage of his own share every time he plays a track live, that he has not himself produced.

Remaining true to his vision, Richie Hawtin has partnered up with Aslice in a bid to provide “a fairer music ecosystem,” and in turn credit producers for their hard work and commitment. Having established himself as a techno pioneer, Hawtin now looks at providing producers with their rightful royalties at each of his shows, and more specifically, each time he plays a producer’s original track during his ongoing ‘From Our Minds‘ tour in the United States. This is where Aslice come into play, as this software-based facility allows for a fair distribution of funds made during each show, and through accurate reporting, DJ’s have the opportunity of sharing their earnings with producers, each time they play music that is not of their own accord, and with a percentage suggested at 5% minimum, and of course not shared.

An initiative that truly showcases respect and equality within the workplace, Hawtin has been advocating on this particular issue for quite some time now, and with actions of such nature, it can only mean that the future of electronic music is in good hands. Making his stand on the matter more clear than ever, his ‘From Our Minds’ tour can now also be seen as a stepping stone towards a more fair and equal community, and with a certain percentage of his own gig fee paid out in royalties to producers whose music he plays, this can be seen as a step not only in the right direction, but also as an eye-opener for everyone with the dance scene, and on how straightforward it come be when looking to deal with this particular matter.

“While Aslice is almost one year into public beta, we’re incredibly proud of how many DJs are already using Aslice to share some of their gig earnings with producers—many of them receiving their first payments from music in their life. This collaboration is not only the blueprint for how communities can look after their own, but also the proof of how Aslice’s technology can be a novel data source for publishers and collections societies to get playlist info that was previously unavailable.” – Ethan Holben (CEO of Aslice)

Indicating once again of how significant technology can be within our community, Aslice are well and truly on their way of creating a more equal and fair community, as well as create relationships within an environment that thus far may have acted in a questionable manner amongst the different rankings and popularity of each individuals. With this said, you can visit the official Aslice website for any further information on how this innovative software works, and we would like to also take the time, and applaud Hawtin for his vision on the current pay gap within the dance scene.

Image Credit: Richie Hawtin / Provided by Beatport

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