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Spitfire Audio releases Abbey Road Orchestra: High Percussion instrument library

Spitfire Audio has earned a reputation for releasing high-quality digital instruments and sample packs, especially their incredible Abbey Road series which brings some of the best sounds in the world to producers everywhere.  Now the London-based company is expanding upon the popular collection by offering a new digital instrumental crafted from the highest quality percussive instruments.

Whenever the name Abbey Road is brought up, it immediately calls upon the rich history of the famed studio in London, which gave birth to some of the last century’s greatest compositions as well as the bulk of the Beatle’s incredible catalog.  This history was recently documented by Mary McCartney, Paul McCartney’s daughter, in the excellent documentary, If These Walls Could Sing, now airing on Disney+.  Even without a viewing, the standard that comes with the name Abbey Road is that of the highest quality and Spitfire Audio works hard to ensure that its products are worthy of the name.  With the release of Abbey Road Orchestra: High Percussion, the company is once again offering producers around the world access to some of the highest-quality samples and sounds available today.

Recorded with help from Grammy-winning producer Simon Rhodes, the instruments in this latest release, which follows the November launch of the Low Percussion package, showcase 62 pristinely sampled instruments, performed by internationally-renowned percussionist Joby Burgess.  Featuring bongos, darbuka, timbales, vibraslap, and much more, the High Percussion collection is sure to have sound for any project, as well as the ability to inspire new paths and orchestrations.  Right now, the collection is currently available for the introductory price of $349.00, offering a savings of a hundred dollars off the pack.  Music aficionados are well aware of the incredible acoustics and quality that come from recording in the famed rooms of Abbey Road Studios and Spitfire Audio is ensuring that composers everywhere have access to the quality sounds that get tracked in the studio.

Check out samples and the full collection of Abbey Road Orchestra: High Percussion at the Spitfire Audio website.

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