TIM PLVNK drops bass heavy new single ‘100 Bottles’: Listen

German producer TIM PLVNK is no stranger to the club music scene, having honed his DJ skills over the years by throwing his own parties anywhere he could find the space.  After a strong start was disrupted by his production partner deciding to quit the project back in 2019, Tim refocused his energy as he set out to conquer the music world on his own.

The need to reassess his career and blaze his own trail reaffirmed his desire to stay independent while reaching a large audience, focusing his energy on both the music and the marketing side of his next endeavor.  That dedication has earned him millions of streams across his catalog in the years since and set the stage for his latest club anthem, the bass-heavy single, 100 BOTTLES.  Opening with a steady kick drum, prominent claps, and a distorted lead, TIM PLVNK immediately lets listeners know that they are in for a heavy single, full of grit and cockiness that comes from his confidence in his music and productions.  By the time the vocal comes through, filtered at first, the mantra of, “I got bottles full of wine, 100 bottles full of wine, popping bottles,” there is no question left that this is a party anthem full of bravado and vigor.

When the second half of the song is in full swing, the scene has only grown larger, taken to the seas, we are transported to a rave on a boat with the party in full swing, “I got a boat, with 100 bottles, and it floats, with faded models.”  In between the infectious topline, the bass, leads, and percussion combine to complete the full picture, delivering a track that almost feels out of place not being played to a packed club or on a yacht party in full effect.

100 BOTTLES is truly an anthem built for the excess of dance music and club life, as well as another stellar production from TIM PLVNK.

Avid music fan, and avid music producer! Producer and songwriter for NOHC.

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