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Trap and Bass Essentials Vol. 12 featuring SubDocta, Manic Focus & more
Photo Credits: Rukes.com

Trap and Bass Essentials Vol. 12 featuring SubDocta, Manic Focus & more

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On a mission to highlight the very best and brightest in the trap and bass scene, We Rave You presents our twelvth edition of Trap and Bass Essentials featuring SubDocta, Manic Focus, Edison Cole, Since JulEYE, Martron, YoungWolf, TWSTD ZOO, matphilly,Feint, Josh Rubin, SUBshockers and Asher Shashaty

Back with our twelvth edition of Trap and Bass Essentials, We Rave You is pleased to highlight a few of the top-tier artists absolutely killing the music industry right now in the best way possible. This month features no other than SubDocta, Manic Focus, Since JulEYE, Martron, YoungWolf, TWSTD ZOO, matphilly,Feint, Josh Rubin, SUBshockers and Asher Shashaty. Be sure to update those playlists before we head into Miami Music Week.

Known for throwing down his own brand of dubstep, trap, and hybrid styles, the legend SubDocta is the one we trust to take us on a bass-infused journey. His eclectic taste and production skills have landed him performances at festivals and shows accross the globe including his recent headline show during his ‘Bass Science Tour’ at the Red Room Vancouver hosted by Digital Motion Events. It is safe to say SubDocta had the crowd in full control as he threw down all the heat including iconic tracks such as “Action” and “West Coast Wobble” which definitely fired up the crowd. The OG fans were definitely in force as the PK sound erupted into our eardrums from the bass scientist himself. Be sure to listen to his most recent tune known as “Action” below.

Manic Focus – “Never Not Blue LP”

Denver-based producer Manic Focus is an artist of many talents. As a magician, he uses sleight of hand to pull objects out of thin air. As an electronic artist, he executes similarly impossible sonic acts with his vibrant, genre-defying music. But his strengths lie not only in the musical and magical: what also makes Manic Focus stand apart is his mental triumphs. Diagnosed with Bipolar 1 in 2007, Manic Focus has experienced several manic and depressive episodes – experiences that directly inspired his artist name. Instead of preventing him from working, his Bipolar diagnosis became a driving factor in his creative processes, an obstacle he’s had to navigate towards a product of endless musical ingenuity. Never Not Blue takes the listener through the different emotional states of a manic episode where the interludes outline the stages of mania.

Since JulEYE  – “The Dawn of Since LP”

The Denver music scene is a tight-knit community, and the hotly-tipped trip-hop duo Since JulEYE reflect that camaraderie. Shattering genre confines with their uniquely-blended sonic stylings, Since JulEYE was born out of shared musical tastes and Denver’s warm, inclusive artistic identity. Since JulEYE releases their debut album, The Dawn Of Since, a full-length project that showcases its artists’ singularly aligned musical intuition. The LP consists of songs from when the two artists first started making music together, and boasts a title that appropriately evokes the duo’s origins. But the album is more than a time capsule of the group’s beginning work: it also reflects Since JulEYE’s ongoing evolution, tracing the lineage from their early sonic explorations into future material.

Edison Cole  – “Running”

Edison Cole is an emerging artist who launched with an explosive 2022. Landing major artist support from Nitti Gritti, Riot Ten, Saymyname, and
more, Edison also landed Spotify’s premier bass playlist “Dubstep Don”, back to back topping the playlist for 3 weeks straight self released. Once again Edison Cole shows us why he stands out from the crowd, delivering his unique storytelling, powerfully emotional melodics, and some of the most sinister drops we’ve heard this year, all while keeping everything in context. “Running” opens up into retro yet futuristic sounding synth beds, building up into powerful cinematics, before delivering one of the most powerful, sinister sounding drops of 2023. Edison’s refreshing approach to the bass genre continues to break the mold and grossly over delivers whats expected from today’s bass artists. With this being the first release of 2023, we get a first take of what’s to come for Edison Cole.




Martron  – “Sun Goes Down”

Putting his passion for making music and artistic creativity on display, Martron continues his 2023 hot streak with his new single, “Sun Goes Down”. This dreamy summertime anthem was sparked when Martron was reflecting on how far he’s come on in such a short amount of time. While driving home, Martron thought about the positive changes he had made in his life, such as leaving behind the things that held him back and gaining more confidence in himself. Feeling a strong sense of pride, Martron gazed into the sky to see a beautiful blend of purple and pink sunset. He was immediately inspired and wrote “Sun Goes Down” that same night.

“Sun Goes Down” opens with an infectious synth that radiates uplifting vibes to its listeners. Suddenly, heavenly vocals are introduced, making the song’s audience feel like they are floating on a cloud. Throughout “Sun Goes Down”, there is a thrilling buildup, a drop that embodies celestial progressions of chill future bass, and perfectly layered vocal cuts.

YoungWolf & TWSTD ZOO  – “Don’t Slow Down”(ft. Scotty IV)

Bursting into 2023 with a high-energy banger, YoungWolf and TWSTD ZOO have teamed up to present their newest single, “Don’t Slow Down”. Featuring hype vocals from popular hip hop artist Scotty IV, this track is overflowing with psychotropic effects and emphatic bass drops. The idea for “Don’t Slow Down” blossomed after YoungWolf and TWSTD ZOO joined a network of industry professionals in Venice Beach. Renting out an Airbnb, the two artists traveled to different studios throughout the week, recording components of the song. Once adding the stellar lyrics of Scotty IV, YoungWolf and TWSTD ZOO knew they had a dubstep-trap hybrid anthem on their hands, reminiscent of vintage Skrillex. Pushing a powerful message to its audience, “Don’t Slow Down” advocates for following your heart and dedicating yourself to what you love. Primed for festival play, this bass-fueled hit gives off an energetic aura, instilling motivation and perseverance in its listeners. The three collaborators plan on showcasing “Don’t Slow Down” in its debut live performance at the Bar Cathedral in Downtown, Toronto, on February 17th. Encompassing other new music for YoungWolf, TWSTD ZOO and Scotty IV, this show will dive into a variety of genres and experimental styles, highlighting these artists’ constantly evolving sound.

matphilly & SUBshockers  – “AMP EP”  

For artists matphilly and SUBshockers, music goes way beyond the spectrum of sound. For these talented producers, it is a channel for reflection, therapy, and emotion. This is why these friends have come together for AMP EP The project is centered around matphilly’s brother who tragically passed away in July 2020. AMP EP is designed to commemorate his life and show the world what an amazing person he was. While AMP is matphilly’s late brother’s initials, the EP resembles his legacy, conveying a powerful message that has the ability to leave a permanent mark on the music industry. Blending their signature styles together, matphilly and SUBshockers present their transformative five-track compilation.

Feint & Josh Rubin  – “Let Me Go”  

Since its emergence, Monstercat is an imprint and organization that has dominated the electronic music space. The label has now grown large enough that it puts out six releases a week on its different sub-brands, such as Monstercat: Uncaged and Monstercat: Instinct. With so many talented artists being featured on the platform, it can be challenging to stand out. However, innovative artist Feint and talented singer Josh Rubin have had no problem attracting attention for their new single, “Let Me Go”. This collaborative dance anthem is fueled by a melodic DnB bassline that transports listeners to another dimension. Feint’s celestial soundscapes are complemented by chilling vocals from Josh and hard-hitting sequences of experimental bass. Fast-paced and overflowing with energy, “Let Me Go” is primed to make crowds break out in dance. Take one listen to “Let Me Go” and it’s easy to tell that Feint has been in the game for quite a while.

Asher Shashaty – “Astral Spring”  

The moment is officially here and Astral Spring has arrived. Florida-based Asher Shashaty has been ramping up excitement for this moment through the release of 2023 singles “Urban Forest,” “What I Need,” and “Feeling.” All three songs feature next level collaborations via singers Miyoki, Misdom, and Dani King. These singles represent more than just a preview as to what will be expected out of Astral Spring, it symbolizes an artist accepting nothing less than upgrades when it comes to his sound, brand, live show, and overall vision for this project. Astral Spring is an evolution of the Asher Shashaty experience. The album utilizes the best parts of genres like future bass, bass, and pop, incorporating experimentalism, clever arrangement, and unique themes to be the guiding force that enhances the works and gives them the wings to have the greatest impact they can. Featuring 10-tracks, Asher Shashaty’s album gives a glimpse into his current mindset as an artist as well as the season of sounds he’s passionate about expressing.


Photo Credits: Rukes.com

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