Home Featured The Ultimate Guide to Ultra Miami: Tips and Tricks for First Timers
The Ultimate Guide to Ultra Miami: Tips and Tricks for First Timers
Ultra Music Festival Miami 2015
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The Ultimate Guide to Ultra Miami: Tips and Tricks for First Timers

Home Featured The Ultimate Guide to Ultra Miami: Tips and Tricks for First Timers

With Ultra Miami 2024 less than a day away, now is the time to prepare yourself for an unforgettable weekend if you haven’t done so already. For many in attendance, Ultra Miami will be another addition to add underneath their belts. For others, it will be their very first time stepping onto Bayfront Park as they make their way through the gates of Ultra Music Festival. If it’s your first time at Ultra Miami, here is a guide with some essential tips and tricks to make your festival experience the best one possible. 

First Timer’s Guide to Ultra Miami 2023

Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water!

Hydration is essential when it comes to any festival experience, especially when you’re in hot, humid areas such as Miami. You will be sweating, walking, and releasing a lot of energy throughout the three-day festival, and it can be pretty easy to forget to drink water, especially when one also is consuming alcoholic beverages. Before heading to the festival, make sure you drink at least a litre or two in order to start your day off on the right foot. If you don’t feel like spending money on water bottles inside Ultra, free water will be available throughout the festival grounds in order to make sure you stay hydrated. Don’t forget to bring your hydration pack with you to take advantage of this perk! Staying hydrated also applies post-event each day, so make sure your drink a glass or two of water before going to bed. 

Bring a battery pack with you

You’ve been posting Instagram stories and taking videos of your favorite sets all day when all of a sudden your phone battery is at five percent. The festival isn’t even close to ending and you’re also planning on going to afterparties soon after. We’ve all been in this situation at one point. Although you may already be planning on bringing one, it’s always a must to reiterate this. Your phone is essential to you in order to communicate with your group, find your way back to where you’re staying as well as book any rideshare requests that you may have. Don’t forget to charge up your battery pack and your phone every single night! 

Pace yourself

Miami is definitely a party city, and this is especially true during Miami Music Week. Make sure to pace yourself and the amount of energy you are using throughout the day so you can keep the party going. If you feel like you need to go sit down for a couple of minutes, listen to your body, and go sit down. Head to the Live stage if you want a comfortable seat with a killer view of a set. Need to sleep in for two or three more hours? Then do so if that will ensure you’re recharged for what’s to come. Have tickets to an afterparty, but you and your group are too burnt out to attend? Sell your tickets and take the night off to ensure you’re well-rested.  

Arrive early on Friday and whenever on Saturday and Sunday

Doors open at 4 PM on Friday, which means that people are eager and anxious to get in as soon as they can. This creates a rather long line throughout the day, especially since there is only one GA entrance. If you want to be the first in, you may want to arrive two or three hours before doors open. For Saturday and Sunday, doors open at noon. You can pretty much arrive whenever and not experience as long of a wait these two days since people are trickling in throughout the day. 

Wear comfortable/appropriate clothing 

Although Miami is usually sunny during Ultra, there have definitely been instances in previous years where it has rained. Be sure to check the weather forecast before getting ready in order to make you’re dressed comfortably and appropriately for what the day has in store. Don’t forget to wear comfortable sneakers or athletic shoes! You’re going to be on your feet walking around multiple miles for the majority of the three days, so make sure you’re doing your best to lessen the strain on your feet.

Wear earplugs when appropriate

Protecting your hearing is essential in very loud environments such as riding the rail at the Ultra mainstage. The high frequencies those speakers throw out into the crowd can definitely cause permanent hearing loss over time if you keep exposing yourself to such an environment. Earplugs help block those hurtful, and unoften unnecessary frequencies without compromising the quality of the music. The best part of it all is that your ears won’t be ringing the whole entire night after the festival if you wear your earplugs!

Leaving Ultra

You may want to leave a bit early if you want to ensure getting rideshare in a timely manner or not wait in traffic. Surge pricing is imminent considering the number of requests rideshare apps get, so be prepared to pay a hefty amount for a ride back to where you’re staying. If you want to save money, the more cost-efficient option is to take the Miami Metromover or Metroil out of downtown and request a rideshare from those stations. Another positive of going this route is that you don’t have to deal with traffic.

Give yourself an extra day off from work, you’ll need it

Going from festival life back to regular life is always a challenge. You just experienced an amazing weekend of partying, being social, and walking around multiple miles and now you have to either drive back home or fly black home, wherever that may be. Taking an extra day or two off from work after the festival is essential to ensuring that you’re fully recharged and ready to collect the bag. It’s a good time to adjust back to your regular schedule and reflect on the awesome experiences you just had.

Enjoy yourself!

Located in the heart of downtown and right off the water, Ultra Miami’s atmosphere is truly unique and special. The whole city pretty much shuts down as Bayfront Park hosts some of dance music’s most iconic moments, such as last year’s epic Swedish House Mafia set. Being able to be a part of those moments is truly special and worth experiencing at least once in your lifetime. Not only are the music and venue location spectacular, but all the people that come from around the world also add to the list of good vibes. Don’t be afraid to make new connections, go out and discover a new artist and enjoy some amazing views and spots within the venue. You probably spent a lot of time and money planning your trip, so put aside whatever you may be going through in life and just enjoy yourself. Create new, unforgettable memories as you attend the world’s premier electronic music festival in the beautiful city of Miami.

That’s all for our first-timer’s guide to Ultra Miami 2024. Don’t forget to check out our other articles on Ultra Miami 2024 here.

Image Credit: Rukes.com

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