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Ultra Miami 2023: Top Hardstyle acts you can’t miss out on

Ultra Miami 2023 is almost on the horizon and having gained a reputation for featuring top-notch artists from across the globe spanning all genres, it’s time we have a look at the best hardstyle acts at the festival that you just can’t miss out on.


1. Coone

Having been the face of hardstyle for over 20 years now, Coone is one of the most expected names on any lineup at every top musical around the world. Ultra Miami 2023 will serve as a huge occasion for the artist as his renowned hardstyle-based record label Dirty Workz is set to take over UMF Radio on March 26th.


2. Da Tweekaz

The high-profile Norwegian duo comprised of Kenth Kvien and Marcus Nordli is known for their high-energy performances, catchy melodies, and unique style, which often incorporates elements of pop, rock, and other genres. Da Tweekaz have been producing records together since 2002, but they caught massive attention in the industry ever since they shifted their focus to 9hardstyle back in 2010.


3. Sub Zero Project

Visually stunning and high-energy live performances combined with their dark, raw, and energetic sound, which incorporates elements of trance, hardcore, and other genres. That’s how you define the immensely talented duo Sub Zero Project. (Thomas Velderman and Nigel Coppen). With jaw-dropping tracks and chart-topping albums under their discography, the duo is set to exhibit an exotic experience at the Dirty Workz takeover.


4. Lil Texas

The Dallas-based DJ and record producer adds a new dimension to the hardstyle space at Ultra Miami 2023 with his unique production styles that combine elements of hardstyle, gabber, and other high-energy genres. With the support of game-changing artists like Diplo, Dillon Francis, and Yultron, the artist has also earned a reputation for donning aesthetic outfits during his live sets, making him another formidable presence on the lineup.


5. Darren Styles

The multi-award-winning DJ and producer Darren Styles is set to add a lot of experience and depth to the hardstyle lineup at Ultra Miami 2023. The British artist has been around in the industry for almost 30 years now and has played a crucial role in the evolution of the genre over the years.


Be sure to check out the complete day-wise lineup for the festival here

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