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Ultra Miami 2023 concluded with relatively low amounts of arrests and hospitalizations

Offering the ultimate of experiences, Ultra Miami concluded in the most immersive of fashions this past weekend. With attendees from all around the globe, authorities were able to report a relatively low amount of arrests and hospitalisations for an event of such scale.

Returning this past weekend, Ultra Miami concluded in the most immersive of fashions, where over 100,000 people gathered in celebration of electronic music. Pouring in their thousands from all around the globe, there is always the fear of disorderly conduct or intoxication, and despite the initial reports of 12 hospitalisations and 7 arrests on Day 1 of the event, it has now become apparent that the total numbers linked to incidents of such nature were relatively now, and for the second year in a row, authorities were able to report less than 20 arrests for the entirety of the event.

Looking back at the event and its organisation as a whole, both the City of Miami Police Department and the Miami Fire Rescue officials ensured that incidents of such nature would occur on the most minimal of levels, and in turn, a total of 14 arrests were made in relation to disorderly conduct, disorderly intoxication, trespassing and possession of fraudulent credit cards, whilst on the flip side, 49 attendees required medical assistance whilst at the event, with another 15 paying a visit to the local hospital with injuries that were not life threatening. Ensuring the safety of everyone in attendance has always been the top priority of Ultra Miami, as well as the City of Miami as a whole, with this further justified through the increase of policing and security measures, thus leading to the low number of incidents when also taking into account the scale of the event itself.

A 23rd edition that has left its mark on the industry, Ultra Miami kick-started the festival season in the most immersive of fashions, and in turn, such reports can only further enhance the popularity of one of the biggest electronic events in the world. Returning next year at Bayfront Park once again, tickets are now on sale on their official website, and we cannot wait for all the surprises that they will have in store for us in 2024.

Image Credit: Ultra Miami / Provided By: Rukes.com

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