Ultra Music Festival Miami 2022

How Ultra Miami shapes the future of Electronic Music

Arguably one of, if not the most iconic of electronic music events, Ultra Miami has been impacting the dance scene since its emergence two decades ago. Allowing the industry to enhance its reputation on the largest of scales, this event will also help shape future generations and their own commitment and understanding towards electronic dance music.

Edging ever closer to the highly anticipated return of Ultra Music Festival, party-goers from all around the globe will be gathering at Bayfront Park in Miami for what can only be described as the ultimate celebration of dance music and everything it has to offer. Ever since the emergence of this iconic event, our dance scene has been impacted in more ways than none, with Ultra gaining its imprint for the very first time in 1999, where even the event’s founders, Russell Faibisch and Alex Omes, could not even dare to imagine the scale and heights that would be reached in the years to come. Running alongside Miami Music Week and the Winter Music Conference, Ultra Music Festival has been a stellar advocate of electronic music, and that has been further justified from the increase in attendees as time has progressed, as well as how significant this event can be for artists in the long-run of their careers, and their continuous reference towards the dance scene’s premier electronic music festival.

Expanding on the largest of scales may have been seen as an intangible idea when first crossing the minds of its organisers, but as time has progressed, and Ultra Music Festival continues to expand on the most constant of scales, it can only make sense that this event alone has not only impacted our community in a manner way beyond initial perception, but will also help further shape the future of electronic music. Announcing a global alliance with Ultra Records, the event itself had now begun its expansion on various platforms and venues worldwide, resulting in the organisation of festivals on each and every continent of this planet, and ultimately, reaching a dominance that to this day has not been matched. In addition, the utilisation of technology has proven a pivotal element on the event’s impact on the dance industry, whilst the media coverage of Ultra Music Festival, allows for anyone unable to attend, to still get an insider’s view of electronic music’s elitist of festival’s.


Receiving an influx of awards, including the “Best Music Event” on numerous occasions, it comes to no surprise that Ultra Music Festival’s reach is one that can’t be touched, no matter the time that may pass, or the setbacks that may be presented, such as the global pandemic and its negative impact not only on the electronic dance industry, but also humanity as a whole. With the initial event held in Miami, Florida as a state has been able to profit from its emergence on the largest of scales, and thus, a wide range of now well-known events such as EDC Orlando and Sunset Music Festival, came to fruition as the success of Ultra Music Festival became further prominent. Besides its original location, the event has also impacted the dance industry on a worldwide scale, with its Ultra Worldwide locations further indicating the need of this event, through not only their sold out festivals on the most constant of basis, but also through the constant return of the biggest names within the dance scene.

Shaping the future of electronic music is no easy task, even impossible some people may say, but not when it comes to Ultra Music Festival, one thing is for sure, and that’s its global reach on the largest of scales. From hosting virtual events during the pandemic, and of course the Ultra Live Stream, fans and peers alike will always contribute towards the event’s success and continuation. Enabling artists to reach the ultimate of goals, Ultra Music Festival will also act as a platform towards the emergence of our scene’s most distinct of acts, but more significantly, will maintain the true values and ethos of solidarity and unification of people through their love for electronic dance music. Moreover, future generations can rest assured that event’s of such magnitude will once again emerge, but will most definitely owe a big proportion of their success to Ultra Music Festival and the impact that the event has had and continues to have to this very day, and of course onwards for years and even decades to come.


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