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Ultra Miami 2023: The groundbreaking production behind the festival

Ultra Miami 2023 is set to bring unprecedented audiovisual production to Bayfront Park once again this year.


As one of the leading dance music festivals in the world, it’s no surprise that Ultra Miami brandishes some of the most spectacular production in the industry. Whether it be the flagship festival in Miami, or any Ultra event around the world, we have come to expect the very best from the world’s premium dance event. With the 23rd annual edition of the Miami festival just around the corner, we’re taking a moment to appreciate the ground-breaking production behind it – and with the Swedish House Mafia in town, it’s surely about to go up a notch for 2023.


The crown jewel of Ultra Miami, is its epic mainstage, situated in the heart of Bayfront Park. Every year the stage design becomes sleeker and more innovative than the last, with fans going as far as to watch the Miami webcams to catch an early glimpse at this year’s design. While its countless LED panels, strobes, lasers, and pyrotechnics light up the city skyline, the sound system also packs a punch much to the satisfaction of the 150,000+ in attendance. Last year the stage brandished an updated sound system, taking advantage of some of the advanced L-Acoustics technology that had previously been used on the likes of the Live and Worldwide stages. To ensure the low end of each dance production was done justice, a whopping 48 subs spanned the entire face of the mainstage last year as part of the most emphatic Ultra experience up until now.


As for the Megastructure that has also become synonymous with the Florida festival, we are forecasting even more big things, especially after designer Richard Milstein came out on social media and told us to expect “the craziest megastructure design created”. Across the course of the weekend, the stage with play host Ultra’s renowned house and techno brand¬†RESISTANCE, and even more spectacularly, it will stage one of Eric Prydz’s epic HOLO productions. The Cove will also bring unparalleled production, expanding upon the RESISTANCE experience again this year.


Elsewhere within the festival grounds, the Live Stage is likely to take over the FPL Solar Amphitheater once more, a venue aptly kitted out for the live performances that will occupy it across the weekend of the 24th-26th March. Its unique half-dome design allows many custom-made shows, as we saw with Deadmau5’s Cube 3.0 show a few years ago.


Slightly bigger in stature, the Worldwide Stage has also become a hotspot of the festival, with its iconic U-shaped structure housing a range of artists from different sub-genres. What’s most striking about the construction is the LED panels that line the archway that looms over the crowd below it, providing that 3D feel for all who venture there.


Providing the final touches to the overall Ultra experience are both the UMF RADIO and Oasis stages, playing host to various label takeovers over the 3 days. While the production is likely to be scaled back for these stages due to their smaller size, it doesn’t mean that the party atmosphere won’t be as electric as elsewhere in Bayfront Park. They too are likely to make the most of the park’s landscaping and infrastructure around them to make for a more intimate dancefloor environment.


Marking the start of the festival season, we can’t wait to see what Ultra 2023 has in store for us this year, with what promises to be its most all-encompassing audiovisual production to date.


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