Adam Beyer & Green Velvet

Adam Beyer & Green Velvet reunite after five years to create ‘Simulator’: Listen

Simulator‘ is the first collaboration between Adam Beyer and Green Velvet in the last five years, following 2018’s ‘Space Date‘.

Adam Beyer is unstoppable. When he launched Drumcode 27 years ago, the Swedish artist changed the techno landscape forever and has been one of the underground scene’s most important players ever since. We’re only approaching the fourth month of the year and Beyer’s CV is already enviable. In February, Adam Beyer released the hypnotic single ‘Legend‘, one of the most requested tracks by fans. After a huge festival run that includes Awakenings and his solo debut at Coachella, the label boss returns to the charts to once again deliver rhythmic perfection. For this incredible new offering, Beyer has teamed up with Green Velvet to bring ‘Simulator’ to life, which is already available for download and streaming on the usual platforms via Drumcode.

The gods of dance music must be clapping their hands in celebration of this titanic union. One is from Chicago, the other from Sweden, but what truly connects them is their immense talent and the profound and important mark they have already etched in the history of electronic music. ‘Space Date’ sounds just as fantastic today as it did when it was released in 2018. Adam Beyer and Green Velvet are unquestionably a studio combo that works really well together, so it is very exciting to welcome another collaboration between the two legendary artists.

‘Simulator’ started to come to life in 2019 as a solo production. It was developed for a few years by Beyer, who, after working on it, realised that the end result resembled Green Velvet’s classic ‘Destination Unknown‘. Since the groove sounded like Velvet, it was obvious to recruit him to create this raw techno gem

This techno tune combines their hands perfectly. Green Velvet’s characteristic brain-melting effects and Adam Beyer’s industrial beats are perfectly audible. The powers of Green Velvet’s vocals are world-renowned and play a huge role here. The percussion is sharp. The vocals, which appear dressed in echoes and moments of warbling, give the track volume, adding groove to its raw composition. The sounds coil and tighten, making staying out of the rhythm impossible. This is ‘constant stimulation inside the simulation‘. Listen to ‘Simulator’ below:

Image Credit: Adam Beyer & Green Velvet (Press) / Courtesy of Clare Dickins PR