Home Uncategorized Alison Wonderland releases debut Whyte Fang album ‘Genesis’: Listen
Alison Wonderland releases debut Whyte Fang album ‘Genesis’: Listen
Alison Wonderland - Whyte Fang
Image Credit: Press / Provided by Get In PR

Alison Wonderland releases debut Whyte Fang album ‘Genesis’: Listen

Home Uncategorized Alison Wonderland releases debut Whyte Fang album ‘Genesis’: Listen

Alison Wonderland, real name Alexandra Sholler, has always made a name for herself through her incredible DJ work, heartfelt yet hard-hitting productions, and heart-on-her-sleeve honesty when it came to engaging with her incredible fanbase.  Now she is able to celebrate the release of the debut album from her Whyte Fang alias, a project she started back in 2011 but never felt right releasing until now.

Releasing the same day that she debuts the Whyte Fang project in the California desert for the 2023 Coachella Festival, it follows up just three previous performances for the project, a surprise headline set at a Brownies & Lemonade event at LA’s State Historic Park, a headline event at The Roxy which sold out in just one day, and a recent set at the launch party for her new imprint, FMU Records, that took place in March of this year in Brooklyn, NY.

I have decided to release this music seperately to Alison Wonderland because I want these beats to live in their own primal world – Alison Wonderland

The resulting 12-track album is a force to be reckoned with as is expected from the Australian producer who has always has a strong penchant for solid productions and impeccable melodies.  Opening with the melodic and spacey introduction, Hello 🙂 where a computerized voice introduces herself by stating, “Hello, I am Whyte Fang.  Nice to meet you.  I am not sure how I exist but I do.  I am going to be taking you away from here for a while,” she prepares listeners for what is truly a musical journey across the album’s 12 tracks.  The opener leads into previously released tracks 333, Genesis, and Scream before a run of four unreleased tracks hit listeners.

The beauty of the Whyte Fang project is the tension that Sholler produces within the music, creating high-energy bass anthems that show no regard for traditional structures or orchestrations but rather ebb and flow at will while never losing the attention of the listener.  The hard-hitting energy of High Tonight effortlessly gives way to the broad sonic landscape of Alive, complete with its hip-hop influence before Deep End starts off like a modern-day pop song, complete with a vocal melody that is melodically brilliant with backing harmonies providing the full weight to the subject and music.

“The entire album was created during my pregnancy, this is the most creative I’ve ever felt in my life. In fact, most songs on the album were made in a day.

With her recent pregnancy announcement, she seems to be more energized than ever as her musical powers are on full display across Genesis.  As the album winds down, listeners are treated to previous singles Girl and Transport God before the short track One Million discusses the importance of valuing one’s existence ahead of the album’s closer Go.  While her most recent Alison Wonderland album, Loner certainly featured many themes of loneliness and a soul laid bare across its tracklist, Whyte Fang is the Yin to that Yang.  Still heady and intelligent, but more forceful and ready to take on the world with every measure.


Image Credit: Press / Provided by Get In PR

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