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AREA21 live performance Live On Planet Earth is now streaming on Disney+

Taking viewers on a visual and musical journey like no other, AREA21 are now streaming their live performance, Live On Planet Earth, on Disney+. The side project of Martin Garrix and Maejor, this is one production that you most definitely do not want to miss out on.

The moment all AREA21 fans have been waiting for has just arrived, with the alien-masked duo finally streaming their first-ever live performance, Live On Planet Earth. Comprised by none other than the Number 1 DJ in the world, Martin Garrix, and Detroit rapper and producer Maejor, AREA21 have been providing us all with a different outlook on life, whilst their music emits an aura and essence that we can most definitely relate to. Having released their debut album, Greatest Hits, Vol. 1, back in 2021, the duo have now taken the opportunity of offering a whole new experience through their live performance, where they are not only joined by a band, but Garrix himself takes upon the role of the guitarist, and in turn, further showcasing the versatile and multifaceted nature that we have been accustomed to ever since his emergence within the dance scene.

Taking viewers on a journey like no other, Live On Planet Earth leaves no doubt to the imagination, as an array of various lightscapes is further enhanced from the transitions and animations that provide a glimpse into AREA21’s story to date, and what they aim to achieve through the whole concept of this project. A visual and musical experience that you most definitely do not want to miss out on, Garrix and Maejor perform their greatest hits atop of a high floating stage that is fitted with mirrors in order to generate an infinity feeling, whilst the production of this immersive live performance is one that will go down in the history books. Accompanied by a live album that features renditions of the tracks that are played on the show, Live On Planet Earth acts as yet another stepping stone towards Garrix’s illustrious career, and in turn, further showcases his ability of successfully maintaining a range of side projects, whilst still touring the world and releasing iconic Garrix hits on a constant basis.

Reaching a global scale in no time at all, Live On Planet Earth with AREA21 is now streaming live on HULU in the United States, STAR+ in Latin America, and DISNEY+ in all other territories, the alien duo are now more set than ever in taking over our planet, and offering an experience that has yet to be lived in such an extraordinary and impressive manner. With this said, be sure to check out AREA21’s Live On Planet Earth here, and don’t forget to leave your own thoughts in the comments section. Enjoy!


Image Credit: AREA21 / Provided By: Press

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