AREA21 release exhilarating new album ‘Live On Planet Earth’: Listen

AREA21, consisting of Martin Garrix and rapper Maejor, have just released a live album ‘Live On Planet Earth. The album comes in tandem with a live performance on multiple streaming platforms.

The duo performed their first-ever full live performance and thankfully, it was filmed and is now streaming on Disney+, Hulu, and Star+.  The live performance is dazzling and takes viewers on an eclectic ride through all genres of music and pushes creative boundaries through their visuals, including Garrix playing live guitar. The set features mirrors, a floating stage, lights, and all things imaginary leaving the viewer stunned as the depths of creative wonder seem to know no bounds. The performance delves deep into the backstory of the group while delivering some of the most impressive visuals you’ve ever seen.

While its highly recommended to check out the full live performance, AREA21 also released an album of all their live songs that were performed. The tracklist includes hits such as ‘Glad You Came’, ‘La La La’, ‘Spaceships’, ‘Own The Night’, and ‘Pogo’.

Prior to the release of ‘Live On Planet Earth’, AREA21 released their debut album ‘Greatest Hits’ back in 2021, with many of those songs being performed during their live set.

To view the trailer for ‘Live On Planet Earth’ click here. In the meantime, check out the full album below.



Image Credit: AREA21 (Press) / Provided by Management