ARTBAT unveil an uplifting new version of Kölsch’s ‘All That Matters’ feat. Troels Abrahamsen: Listen

Ukrainian duo ARTBAT take Kölsch‘s 2012 single ‘All That Matters‘ and put their own personal musical twist on it.

It has finally arrived. For melodic techno enthusiasts, ARTBAT’s remix of ‘All That Matters’ is probably one of the most anticipated releases of the month. This emotive offer has been used by ARTBAT in their shows, including at Printworks, where they had a great wow moment at the sound of this magnificent version. ARTBAT’s remix of ‘All That Matters’ is now available for streaming and download via Kompakt on all major platforms.

The original version, released by Kölsch in 2012, has an interesting backstory. The Danish artist was already a fan of Troels Abrahamsen, but despite living in the same city, they had never met. Kölsch had a productive day in the studio in 2010 and created an unremarkable instrumental work. The chord progressions and their deep and melodic elements were excellent. All that was left was the vocals, and Kölsch was still thinking about Abrahamsen. Troels received the instrumental through a mutual friend, and it wasn’t long before he gave the whole song to Kölsch. It was perfect. Everything was outstanding. The lyrics and the vocals encapsulated a forceful power. Troels Abrahamsen explained that the song had been written for their children, like a letter or a piece of advice to a child. Whoever it is addressed to, ‘All That Matters’ is an emotional piece perfect to dedicate to the one you love. The whole conjuration of layers is deeply touching and ARTBAT were not indifferent to this track.

The original is Kölsch, truly, encapsulating the Danish artist’s musical signature. But ARTBAT have managed in this remix to take over the composition and give it a truly distinctive touch. The duo are undeniably one of the biggest acts on the melodic circuit right now. They’re already established and experienced but maintain an immaculate and fresh approach to music. That avant-gardism is evident in this remix. ARTBAT have given ‘All That Matters’ more volume, filling the minutes with air, echoes and synths that are simply magical. Taking the extremely sentimental identity of the track, they have created even more moments of contemplation by building explosive crescendos. This is certainly one of the tracks for this summer, with the ability to spread joy on every dancefloor you play. After all, this is all that matters.

Image Credit: ARTBAT (Press)