Artist ID: Who is Mochakk? [Magazine Featured]

Artist: Mochakk

Name: Pedro Maia

Nationality: Brazilian

Genre: Tech house (and all others)


Mochakk is a viral star and the latest musical super export from the country of samba. If in our youth we are often taught that there is no such thing as fast results and good takes time, the truth is that Mochakk changed the paradigm and reached stardom at record speed. 2022 was the golden year for the Brazilian artist who dominated Ibiza and the world. But who exactly is Mochakk? Let’s check out his musical fingerprint.

Pedro Maia, aka Mochakk, was born in Sorocaba, a city in southeastern Brazil, in the state of São Paulo. Today, it may not matter much where he comes from, as Mochakk now belongs all over the world, but his origins carry great weight in the artist he is. Mochakk grew up in a very fertile time in terms of music, where new genres are born every day and where music is available to everyone. In terms of influences, he inherited disco and funk from his mother and his father showed him good rock, but it was in hip-hop that his musical production began. At the age of 15, the Brazilian artist started his first DJing gigs and soon began working around Brazil. It was a great way to gain experience, indispensable to succeed in the wilderness of this industry.

Learning. Despite his youth, learning from those who know seems to be one of Mochakk’s basic values. In 2022 he made his debut in Ibiza on the legendary DC-10 with Circoloco, where he got closer to Seth Troxler, one of his mentors. His group of gurus also includes Pete Tong, The Martinez Brothers and Chris Lake. He enjoys learning and then sharing that knowledge with the crowd. Mochakk confesses to being passionate about Spanish audiences, about their worship of music. In his phenomenal and charismatic sets, the artist tries to deliver messages to the audience, share meaningful tracks, present great classics in the form of remakes and connect people to what matters: the music.

Out of the ordinary. This is the short version of a good description of this artist. Nothing is preconceived, nothing is normal, and nothing is boring. At the end of last year, Mochakk launched his own imprint MOTRAXX, a label with no duration, no expectations and no limits, like the music it aims to host. MOTRAXX’s first releases were ‘Sombrero Sam’ and ‘Respirando’, two incredible works from Mochakk, full of vintage vibes.


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Image Credits: Mochakk (Press) / Provided by Rotate Publicity