atDusk share new single ‘Lucid Dreams’ ahead of album release: Listen

Living for the hours after the sun goes down, atDusk is quickly rising through the ranks of the dance music scene thanks to their incredible productions and live performances.  With their debut full-length album fast approaching, the duo is preparing to share another hard-hitting single from the collection before fans get to digest the full body of work.

In their relatively short time together, atDusk has quickly established itself as a duo that set out to forge its own path while endearing itself to the fans and tastemakers of the industry thanks to their incredible productions.  Shortly after the release of their inaugural single, Nerf This, atDusk found itself appearing on the iconic Dreamstate SoCal festival stages, further ensuring the group’s visibility and helping grow their fanbase.  With the continued support from Dreamstate, as well as strong follow-up singles, including the recent hit RAID, which was produced with Ruben de Ronde, the group continued to ascend to new heights.

Now, with the release of Lucid Dreams, the group has showcased an energetic yet darkly tranquil single that features a female voice, calmly speaking, “Lucid dreams.  Stages.  Emotions.  Sensations that occur involuntarily.  Nervous.  Anxious.  Feelings of the dark unknown exploring deep inside your mind.”  It feels like the start of a journey, something bigger than a collection of sounds and musical notes, but rather a need to explore the unknown and allow ourselves to let go and explore the unspoken desires and cravings that we as humans hold inside.

The track continues to unfold and expand over the course of its four-and-a-half minutes, always driving forward, but lacking the traditional constructs and expectations that sometimes limit the range of exploration that producers utilize in the studio.  For atDusk, they are confident in their abilities, and Lucid Dreams is a continued showcase of both their own production skills as well as their willingness to explore and expand their own sound and style.



Image Credit: atDusk/ Promo Photo

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