Bassjackers return to Spinnin’ Records with new track ‘Wrong Or Right’: Listen

Bassjackers return to Spinnin’ Records with a brand new crossover single entitled ‘Wrong Or Right’, based on the iconic “The Riddle” theme from the 80s.

Dutch duo Bassjackers returns with their new release ‘Wrong or Right’ on Spinnin’ Records, based on the famed melody from Nik Kershaw‘s 1984 release “The Riddle”. While the original itself might invoke an enigmatic feeling, Bassjackers put their own festival spin on it with organic instrumental melodies and an energetic, dynamic bassline. The result is unexpectedly upbeat, especially when complemented by the top line and its lyrics that the duo wrote themselves. Bassjackers are still riding the wave of their 6-track ‘Les Pays Bass EP on Smash the House that was released last month, which showcased their diverse sonic range and production prowess. ‘Wrong or Right’ is bound to be lighting up dancefloors during Bassjackers sets as well as radio airwaves. With more releases in the pipeline, including Bassjackers‘ forthcoming single Traffic’, which is currently being heavily supported by Tiësto himself, we can only assume that it will be a productive and successful summer for the legendary Dutch duo.

Speaking on their newest release, the two have stated, “The Riddle’s melody has always been one of our favorites, and this is our second remake of it… This time we upped the ante by writing our own vocals to it and having it revolve more around that epic whistle”

Listen to the new track here.

Image Credit: Press / Courtesy of Unfolded PR