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Bazznik delivers future house hit ‘Fire In My Heart’: Listen

German producer Bazznik has returned with a brand new single that is produced to make an impact at clubs and festivals around the world while featuring a vocal that could compete with any radio track out there today.  Having honed his skills on stages around the world, he combines all of his experience and passion into the crafting of this new Future House anthem.

While Bazznik considers himself a Deep House producer, he refuses to limit his scope and production styles and Fire In My Heart clearly shows his willingness to craft a track that will appeal to a wide audience.  Opening with a subtle lead, synths, and a clap underneath the infectious vocal melody, the track wastes no time in drawing in the listener.

In terms of the inspiration behind “Fire In My Heart,” the track is about the feeling of being consumed by a passion or desire. As a Deep House producer, I drew inspiration from the driving basslines and soaring vocal hooks that define the genre. At the same time, I wanted to incorporate elements from my background in Future House to create a track that would be accessible and engaging for a wide audience.

The work in the studio certainly has paid off as the track is well executed and the immediate response from fans has been incredibly positive with it recieving regular spins across streaming services while climbing the German dance charts.

When it came to the process of creating the track, I spent a lot of time experimenting with different sound textures and layers to create a dynamic and captivating sonic landscape. I’m really proud of how “Fire In My Heart” turned out, and I’m thrilled that it’s resonating with listeners. The song reached number 29 in the German dance charts in the first 2 Weeks after the release and have already 100.000+ Plays at Spotify today.

Be sure to check out the latest hit from Bazznik, Fire In My Heart, out now!

Image Credit: Julian Huke Photography

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