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Binary Finary deliver pure trance remix of Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding ‘Miracle’: Listen

Binary Finary has made a strong commitment to the trance music scene, working hard to elevate the genre and stay true to its roots, even as many artists continue to cross boundaries and explore sounds through other styles. As proud flag bearers of the trance scene, they have taken it upon themselves to give a makeover to one of the biggest releases of the year with their classic style.

When it was first revealed that Ellie Goulding was once again recording vocals for Calvin Harris, the dance scene experienced a palpable surge of excitement. Having previously released massive singles, I Need Your Love and Outside, the two certainly have a penchant for crafting larger-than-life productions. With their musical trilogy complete, the recently released single Miracle reaffirms the duo’s penchant for smash hits and has of course inspired producers everywhere to add their own twist to the single.

Trance duo Binary Finary took Miracle and gave it a full trance makeover, extending the track to a full six and a half minutes, and punctuating it with all of the elements and touches that make trance such a magical genre. As the remix approaches the one-minute mark, the duo is pushing the production at full force, a driving anthem that perfectly gives way to a bed of synths to allow Ellie Goulding’s perfect vocal to rest on top. They quickly bring the percussion back in, allowing it to add an extra jolt of energy as the song moves toward the chorus, ensuring that this remix will make a major impact on stages around the world.

For the second verse, Binary Finary opts to leave more space for the vocal, as a beautiful bed of keys, exhausts, and synths fill the space, the production as pristine as the vocal performance and it is almost easy to forget that Miracle didn’t start as a trance song with such a perfect orchestration. Whether you’re a trance fan or not, Binary Finary’s Trance Remix of Miracle is a must listen!



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