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Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding release stunning ‘Church Version’ of latest single ‘Miracle’: Watch

Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding are currently riding the success of their latest single, “Miracle,” as it has taken the industry by storm. However, unexpectedly the two went to a historic location to create a new version of the song, unlike anything we have seen in the industry before.

With only a couple of weeks old, “Miracle” has already begun to make its rounds through the industry at the start of this festival season. Most notably in the form of various edits at Ultra Music Festival this past March, the track from Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding looks to be on pace to become another iconic moment in both artists’ discographies. It didn’t take long to become evident that because of Goulding’s unmatched vocals, a slower version of this track would be a must for fans in the future. And now, only a few weeks in, the two have delivered on that demand, and have done it in the grandest way possible.

It would have been easy to go into a recording studio and quickly cut a more than suitable version that we would have all been happy with, but that’s not what has gotten Harris and Goulding to this level of artistry in their careers. So cue in Priory Church of St. Bartholomew the Great, London’s oldest surviving Church. A building founded in 1123 and has been used for worship since at least 1143 has officially become the stage for this new version of “Miracle.” And it comes in the captivating form of a video.

While the song is, of course, beautiful in its own right, the church, is even that more visually jaw-dropping. The windows, height and overall architecture are a marvel to gaze at during the entire video. Harris even goes a notch further and blends elements of the club by incorporating lasers and even uses the natural light from the windows as the “spotlight” for Goulding. As Goulding begins to sing, you instantly feel the 900 years of history naturally reverberate throughout the building. It’s incredibly spacey and sounds unlike anything a computer software could ever possibly replicate. However, it’s not just her voice but also the sounds of instruments that will leave you speechless. Between what looks to be an organ that Harris is playing off to the side and also accompanied by a harp, the way it echoes through the chamber is breathtaking.

Moments like this show why Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding are at the top of the industry. As if this track could not get any better, it now has. Make sure to give this a listen and it’s best to do it with a pair of headphones to get the full experience.

Watch the full video of “Miracle” the Church version by Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding below.

Image Credit: Ultra / Courtesy of SOLO LDN PR

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