CamelPhat join forces with Josh Gigante for the 2-track EP ‘Your Mind’: Listen

This collaboration between CamelPhat and Josh Gigante is the second release of the duo on their imprint When Stars Align.

The Liverpool duo are the owners of a rich musical journey. Since they started their path in the industry in 2004, CamelPhat have been breaking new ground, passing through various musical genres and in recent years have opened the gates of melodic techno. It’s a genre that has been gaining strength in the charts and in the number of music lovers and CamelPhat are undoubtedly one of the players responsible for the dynamism that this musical genre is experiencing. In October last year, the duo launched their independent label When Stars Align, a place for a magical sound. The label’s first release was ‘Magic Me‘, a delicate melodic track by British artist Eldon, which immediately received a version from label bosses. ‘Your Mind‘ is a 2-track EP, bringing CamelPhat and Josh Gigante together. ‘Your Mind‘ and ‘Lost in a Moment‘ have a unique and catchy sound and are already available for streaming and download via When Stars Align.

One of Josh Gigante’s goals is to revolutionise the dancefloor with distinctive sounds, and he has developed a very special sound for this. This freshness and break from the conventional fit very well with CamelPhat’s creativity and tailored productions, making this collaboration a resounding success.

Each of the tracks on the EP is very distinct in terms of rhythm and energy. One might be more for the body and one more for the mind, but they are both elegant and hypnotic pieces. The title track ‘Your Mind’ has a punchy bassline and an extremely catchy rhythm. ‘You’re losing your mind, your body, your soul‘ is the looped vocal that hypnotises you into a complex and wonderful rhythmic bubble. The groovy percussion makes it a floor-ready track, the perfect fuel for a worthy dance moment. ‘Lost in a Moment’ is a little more stripped-back, just as the title suggests. The tone is darker, yet with a progressive edge that gives it fantastic vitality. It’s extra modern, from the future, full of three-dimensional noises that transport you to an imaginative realm even when you’re not moving. It’s more raw and industrial than ‘Your Mind,’ yet it’s just as effective on the dancefloor.

Two thumbs up to the sleek, simple, yet hefty EP. It’s another high-quality release with the When Stars Align stamp. You can listen to it below:

Image Credit: CamelPhat / Courtesy of Big Beat Records