The Chemical Brothers

Chemical Brothers announce new album this fall via billboard

The Chemical Brothers are entering their third decade of existence as a duo and continue to make a mark on dance music around the world with their hard-hitting productions and infectious rhythms.  As the duo prepares to embark upon the California desert for two weekends of performances at the iconic Coachella Festival, they have also given fans another surprise thanks to a billboard erected alongside the highway on the way to the event.

With their last full-length album released back in 2019, before the global pandemic took over the world, it certainly seems like ages since The Chemical Brothers released a new album.  Since that time, the duo has shared several singles, including the most recently released No Reason back in March.  Beyond that, they have been looking back on their storied career including a deep look back on their iconic album Dig Your Own Hole in honor of the release’s 25th anniversary which included a deluxe edition of the album with bonus tracks as well as a complete performance of their 1997 set at the Lowlands Festival.

The duo of Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons seems once again focused on the future, and it appears that the recent single release will in fact build up to the group’s next full-length album.  While there are no details on an album title or official release date, a billboard erected alongside the California highway with the group’s iconic logo and images of all of the group’s previous releases features the announcement, “NEW ALBUM FALL 2023.”  The Chemical Brothers shared an image of the sign via social media to confirm the accuracy of the message and remind fans that they will be taking the stage at Coachella this Friday, April 14th at 9:50 PM PST, and fans around the world can also view their performance from the events live stream channels on YouTube.


Image Credit: The Chemical Brothers (Press) by Hamish Brown & Illustration by Ruffmercy / Provided by Outside Organisation

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