Hard techno concept Chrome Cologne is back at Bootshaus this Saturday

The third Chrome Cologne event at Bootshaus will take place on April 29, featuring an energetic roster of artists.

After the resounding success of the first editions, the hard techno concept Chrome Cologne returns to Bootshaus to fill two rooms with energetic music and liberating energy. You can find all the information about the event here on the official website. The event is already sold out.

But what is Chrome Cologne? This concept was launched last year and combines hard techno with a kinky party concept. Chrome is a sex-positive event where music and freedom of expression reign, where the dance floor expands into a playroom with a no-photo policy. The rules are clear, and if you do not want to abide by them, the organisation recommends you stay home.

For this Saturday’s event, Bootshaus will have two rooms and a darkroom/playground. To bring another Chrome event to life, new DJ booths will be installed in both rooms, equipped with a brand new FÖÖN soundsystem. Despite being in a club, the sound system is powerful enough for a festival to add even more oomph to hard techno. It’s meant to be an unforgettable night, so the organisation does not skimp on the sound quality or the setting. In keeping with the concept, a few cages will also be set up. One of the rules for attending this event is strict adherence to the dress code. Normal streetwear is not accepted, so you are asked to strip yourself of prejudice (and more), and get creative. The dress code should conform to kinky, fetish and sex-positive concepts. To protect everyone’s identity, the event will take place with a strict no-photo policy. Likewise, a zero-tolerance policy regarding mutual respect will be enforced. Discrimination, sexual harassment, racism, homophobia or any kind of violence will not be allowed. A security team will be present throughout the venue, including playroom guardians, to ensure everyone’s safety.

As for the music, the lineup promises very high energy levels all night long. Tanja Miju, Cassie Raptor, Stan Christ, Cloudy, Adrian Mills, Oguz, Caravel and O.B.I. will be in charge of the heavy rhythm. Chrome Cologne Vol.3 will take place this Saturday, April 29 at Bootshaus, starting at 11 pm (local time). It will be another bombastic rave, don’t miss it.


Image Credit: Bootshaus