Art at Coachella 2023: A Guide to the Festival’s Installations

Art is one of the most important aspects of Coachella, and this year they’re going bigger than ever before in terms of their art installations, featuring new and old favourites.

Aside from the music, Coachella offers a wide variety of art installations for ticketholders to discover across its festival grounds. Some have become iconic over the years and a staple of the aesthetic of the festival, whilst some pop up fresh every year to offer up visual surprises. For Coachella 2023, some old favourites are returning among a roster of new faces.


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In terms of the returning art, perhaps the most iconic and most Instagrammed is the Spectra by NEWSUBSTANCE. If the name alone doesn’t ring a bell, the picture below certainly will. A winding rainbow tower is one of the interactive pieces where people can walk around it as the color gradients shift.



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Next up in the returning category is one that also doubles as a stage, the irreplaceable Do LaB. This year, the Do LaB will feature sets from legends such as Franky Wah, A-Trak, The Glitch Mob and many many others, with special guests popping up on both weekends in true Coachella fashion. Check out their full lineups for each weekend here.



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Something that stretches beyond our wildest imaginations, the Balloon Chain by Robert Bose is also back, as a staple on the skyline of Coachella. With it being exactly what it is in the name, it also makes for a spectacle to see at night, lit up for as far as the eye can see. Don Kennell and Raices Cultura make up the rest of the returning lineup too.


Looking towards those that are making their Coachella 2023 debuts, there are some of the most relevant and hottest artists in the scene looking to make their imprint on the Empire Polo Field, starting with Güvenç Özel. Özel has been making waves in the artistic world for his combination of large-scale LED walls and camera capture technology, bridging reality with digital technology. Kumkum Fernando will also bring his handmade sculptures to life, with Maggie West bringing her timelapse art to life and Vincent Leroy bringing his chromatic, metallic-looking arrangements all the way from Paris.


Check out the full details of what to expect from the art of Coachella 2023 here.


Image Credit: Dom Carver via Pixabay

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