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Coachella 2023: Mura Masa performs spectacular set at Mojave stage

Globally recognized by his stage name Mura Masa, Alex Crossan took full control of the Mojave stage at Coachella Festival 2023 with a surprise appearance from Shygirl and Channel Tres to perform their collaboration on “hollaback bitch.”

The Grammy award-winning producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist known as Mura Masa took over the Mojave stage at Coachella Festival 2023. Delivering a jaw-dropping set encompassing a wide variety of pop, dance, and hip-hop flairs to his audience, Mura Masa definitely impressed the crowd and left them in awe for more. Even better, Mura Masa surprised the crowd with appearances from Shygirl and Channel Tres to perform their epic collaboration on “hollaback bitch” to fans at Coachella.

Starting off with his classic “Love$ick” featuring no other than  A$AP Rocky, Mura Masa completely worked his magic from start to finish. With state-of-the-art sound and instrumentals, fans were singing along to tunes such as “Whenever I Want” and “Nuggets” featuring Bonzai. The UK-based artist showcased his minimalist, yet highly sophisticated sound to the masses by combining the energy of electronic production and club culture throughout his festival set. With unique soundscapes which are fresh and unique to the ears, the crowd absolutely went wild when Shygirl and Channel Tres appeared. Dancing throughout the entire set, fans were seen with smiles on their faces as Mura Masa did what he does best. 

Be sure to check out the official video of Mura Masa at Coachella 2023 below and let us know if you attended in the comments.

Image Credit: Provided by Outside Organisation

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