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Coachella 2023: SOFI TUKKER deliver eclectic set during first weekend

With the sun setting and the vibe just right, SOFI TUKKER created a beautiful atmosphere on the Outdoor Theatre stage at Weekend 1 of Coachella on the Saturday, performing hits such as ‘Drinkee,’ ‘Original Sin’ and their viral take on The White Lotus Main Theme. 

For the eclectic duo SOFI TUKKER, Coachella was the chance for them to be, in their own words, “very them.” With a new stage setup encompassing a full-sized playground which fits perfectly with their fun-loving and vibrant nature and in which they utilised to the fullest during their 55-minute set, they also premiered two new tracks. Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano collab ‘Trompa’ was one of them, and the other was ‘Jacaré,’ a Portuguese-inspired single that releases this Friday, April 21. 


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Although they had no special guests, this wasn’t without a lack of trying, as they aimed to get Jennifer Coolidge of The White Lotus fame to come out during the moment they played their now viral remix of the catchy theme tune, but it wasn’t to be. Turns out though, they saw this as a blessing, stating to Entertainment Weekly

Because we are introducing our new world and this is the first show, we sort of felt like, ‘Let’s just do this one with us, and be very us,” said Tucker Halpern 

Speaking more about that moment, Halpern went on to say:

“We were just in South America for a while doing the tour, and we played it at one point, and we realized that people didn’t watch that show in that country. We were like, ‘Oh no!’ But then we were like, ‘Coachella is definitely the festival with the most overlap with watchers of that show, 100 percent. It’s going to be so good.”

Good was certainly an understatement for how this set turned out, with a packed out crowd loving not only their White Lotus remix but the rest of their hits including ‘Purple Hat,’ Kx5 collab ‘Sacrifice’ and ‘Emergency,’ with the duo even treating the crowds to a special Coachella edit version of ‘Summer In New York.’ 

Check out the full tracklist here, and don’t forget to check them out during Weekend 2 if you’re there! Don’t forget to also check out our recap of other Weekend 1 sets, right here.

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