Cyazon brings listeners further into his own futuristic world with new single ‘Digital Fractals’: Listen

With the rise of AI and the metaverse, it can often seem like the terrifying dystopian worlds of the future displayed in movies and entertainment may in fact be closer than ever.  While it can feel overwhelming and frightening, one producer is looking to shape his own vision of that future through his hard-hitting dubstep productions.

In recent years, Cyazon has built a name for himself by showcasing his strong skills in the studio, delivering meticulous productions that display his attention to detail while delivering bass-heavy anthems worthy of clubs and festival stages worldwide.  Throughout his catalog, which includes singles like Tech and ARC, he has also looked to create a world beyond the music, a dystopian future where the style and ethos of the cyberpunk lifestyle dominate the landscape.  Now he returns with his latest production, Digital Fractals, and continues to build upon those themes while once again further exploring his own production skills and sound design throughout the release.

Opening with a heavy kick drum and a layer of leads and synths, Digital Fractals welcomes listeners through the digital door into the cyberpunk society which Cyazon is building.  Once inside, the full force of the dubstep production takes over, alerting the audience that they “aren’t in Kansas anymore,” and that the rules and players of this world operate differently.  While he offers a slight reprieve following the first drop, allowing the opportunity to catch one’s breath and take in the sights and sounds, as a lead resonates before a layer of synths and percussion again build below, before hitting even harder in the second drop.  The final act of the single is wonderfully chaotic, controlled yet aggressive in its execution, and as strong as anything released in Cyazon’s catalog.

As he continues to reveal his own dystopian vision, check out the latest chapter in Cyazon’s cyberpunk saga, Digital Fractals.

Image Credit: Cyazon (Press) / Provided by MCPR PR

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