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Daft Punk album ‘Discovery’ among best selling vinyls on Discogs

As fans around the world continue to grapple with the break-up of Daft Punk back in 2021, their music and legacy seem to continue to grow larger every week.  As the duo of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo continue to dig into the vault and deliver rare footage, unreleased tracks, and remastered edits and videos of their past, their music is continuing to sell in marketplaces around the world.

The popular music marketplace and central location for collectors to come together to showcase their own prized pieces, Discogs provides insights into what items are most popular on their platform.  As Daft Punk have been celebrating their history over the past year and a half, first reissuing their iconic debut album Homework on vinyl in 2022 and now turning their attention to the 10-year anniversary of their final release, Random Access Memories in 2023, their sophomore album is proving to be most popular amongst collectors.

The duo’s 2001 release, Discovery, would become a worldwide smash thanks to the global hit, One More Time, with its accompanying video created by famed Japanese artist, Leiji Matsumoto.  As fans continue to grab Daft Punk vinyl at an increasing rate, the album found itself amongst the top 25 best-selling records on Discogs throughout the month of February.  Holding down the number 13 spot on the chart, Discovery is sandwiched between recent releases by two of the music industry’s biggest stars, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé.  It is a true testament to the legacy created by the two French producers as their dance anthems continue to inspire new generations of producers and music fans.

The edition of Discovery on the charts is the 2021 double LP gatefold reissue of the release.  The increase in sales seems to align with the group’s recent reissue campaign and follows recent large sales and chart positions for Daft Punk of other albums in their discography on the Discogs platform.



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