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Depeche Mode 1990 album ‘Violator’ among top sellers on Discogs

As Depeche Mode have delivered a brilliant new album and embarked on a global tour in 2023, their ravenous and devoted fanbase is continuing to dig into their back catalog to coincide with the group’s recent activity.  One of their most celebrated releases has now found itself among the top-selling records on the popular music marketplace and collector’s website, Discogs.

First released back in 1990, Violator is seen by many as the high water mark in the storied discography of Depeche Mode, as the group’s songwriting and production from famed producer Flood helped shape the group’s demos into one of their most arresting works.  Containing one of the group’s most iconic singles, the hauntingly beautiful Personal Jesus, the group reached a massive audience as the album would be the first to sell one million copies in the United States.

Before this, we’d been going along quite nicely,” recalled Andy Fletcher. “Then when it came to Violator we inexplicably went huge. It was just incredible, and in many ways we never really recovered from that. After that, we just felt like we wanted to muck it up a bit.”

Over 30 years later, Violator is still a massive album for Depeche Mode, as well as a must-listen for fans new and old.  The impact of the release is seen on the recent release of Discogs Top 25 Best-Selling Records list, as a 2014 reissue of the LP has found itself at the number 23 position on the chart.  The continued interest and sales of Depeche Mode are a true testament to their impact on several generations of fans and the timeless quality of their songwriting and productions.  As the group celebrates its 2023 album, Memento Mori, fans continue to digest their entire catalog with Violator continuing to be a standout release.

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